Modus Launches Modus Create to Develop Digital Content that Significantly Lowers Cost of Production for Customers

Modus, an innovative software company, has launched its latest platform, Modus Create, allowing marketing teams to create high-quality digital content “ with zero coding skills required. Modus Create is now available as part of the popular digital sales enablement platform Modus Communicate and is an innovative companion to other Modus platform products, including trade show applications and content usage data tracking.

Modus Create was developed after a client revealed their virtual product tours were used five times more than traditional product brochures; however, they were spending a fortune to constantly update the digital content through a third party, said Scott Olson, Modus Chief Technology Officer. Interactive, digital content is an enhanced delivery experience. Modus Create radically speeds up the creative process because the world moves too fast to have to wait to change important product information.

Companies are reporting expansive digital transformations in their sales and marketing strategies. Modus Create customers are now able to quickly convert static content such as images, copy and video into stunning, interactive demonstrations, product tours, 360-degree spin sets and more. These digital experiences can then be deployed to any mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows) or website and updated in seconds. Web coding knowledge is not required and the process is as simple as dragging image files into the uploader, writing copy and building a navigation structure in the easy-to-use Modus Create editing suite.

Web coding can be expensive to build and maintain, and is not easily changed, said Adam Luckeroth, Modus Vice President of Sales and Marketing. We knew this was a significant hurdle for customers so we built Modus Create to fill the void and provide customers with the ability to easily and quickly produce superior digital content experiences.

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About Modus Engagement, Inc. Modus drives the innovations shaping the future of marketing, sales, and customer engagement through next generation digital technology solutions. Its digital sales enablement platform consists of Modus Communicate, an A-I assisted content management solution; Modus Create, an interactive content creation tool; Modus Capture, a trade show smart lead capture and retrieval solution; and Modus Compare, a tool that provides analytical data to help marketing teams make smarter content marketing investments. To date, Modus technology is used by 70,000 sales and marketing professionals to conduct 250,000 critical conversations. Learn more at

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