Miroculus Announces First Results of Automated NGS Library Prep Utilizing Aeros™ Technology at AGBT 2019


Miroculus, Inc. today announced it is presenting, alongside researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the first results of NGS (next-generation sequencing) library prep performed using Miroculus Aeros technology, at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference.

The Aeros technology is able to simplify, automate and miniaturize complex protocols such as NGS library prep improving library consistency and eliminating the need for complex robotics. The Miroculus platform also decreases sample input and reagent volumes, reducing protocol times and manual interventions, even for users of conventional lab automation.

The first study to be presented today at AGBT was conducted with the Broad Institute. In the study, researchers describe a comparison of PCR-free Human whole-genome sequencing results utilizing automated library prep on the Miroculus system vs. production results from the Broad Institutes existing high throughput automated genome sequencing platform.

In a test of an early-access version of the system, Broad Institute researchers were able to generate high-quality libraries “ meeting their target coverage and SNP detection sensitivity criteria “ while using less sequencing data and significantly reducing sample input and reagent volumes. In addition, teams completed the library prep process in less time than would have been expected using the existing automation platform.

Our vision is to enable customers to rapidly develop and implement complex molecular biology protocols, starting with NGS library prep, said Miroculus CEO Alejandro Tocigl.

Miroculus is developing its first platform, the Mir³ Canvas„¢ system, which will allow users to easily build complex protocols for applications including NGS library prep and synthetic biology, as well as run off-the-shelf cartridges for predefined workflows. Utilizing Miroculus proprietary Aeros technology, all operations can be performed on a simple, disposable cartridge, utilizing the systems electronics to automatically drive samples and reagents through an entire workflow, on a system the size of a microfuge.

About Miroculus, Inc.

Miroculus Mir³ Canvas platform can automate complex protocols, such as NGS library prep, in a compact, cartridge-based system that is within reach of all laboratories. Miroculus makes science easy and accessible. By putting intuitive tools in the hands of people everywhere, we can advance science and improve lives faster, together.

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