MEDISCA Brings LP3 Network’s World-Renowned Hormone Replacement Therapy Event to the United Kingdom

After many successful events across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Medisca UK is excited to bring LP3 Networks globally recognised educational program, Functional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), to the United Kingdom on October 4-6, 2019!

One of the first things we noticed when opening Medisca UK is the high demand for education on functional HRT, a rapidly expanding treatment area in Europe, said Andrew Rowe, Medisca UK General Manager. Through partnership with LP3 Network, European physicians, pharmacists, and other functional medicine providers will now have access to the international gold standard for Continuing Professional Development in integrative HRT.

Paired with a 9-hour home study, this 3-day interactive seminar affords practitioners 33 hours of practical and outcome-focused education designed to elevate performance of professional practice. Through case study assessments, this program delves into the physiology of hormonal signalling, evaluates the safety and efficacy of HRT, examines considerations for hormone testing, and applies an integrative approach that addresses the underlying cause of hormonal conditions.

Our primary objective at LP3 Network is to bring you the elite in the industry, said Maurizio De Stefano, LP3 Network General Manager. With Dr Tara Scott, certified menopause practitioner, and Dr Ken Speidel, pharmacotherapeutic specialist in endocrinology, as the facilitators and subject-matter experts, participants will gain unparalleled education in the niche field of HRT.

LP3 Network has helped over 12,000 professionals optimise patient therapeutic outcomes through personalised alternative approaches in medicine. With a global reach to more than 50 countries, LP3 Network is excited to partner with Medisca UK to further extend its wealth of expertise to the United Kingdom.

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Andrew Rowe
General Manager Europe
[email protected]
(0)20 3966 1991