Measuring Customer Satisfaction is Easier Than You Thought | Infiniti Research Reveals the Best Metrics to Measure Customer Satisfaction


A well-known customer intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has announced the completion of their latest article on measuring customer satisfaction. Through this article, Infiniti Research reveals some of the most efficient methods for measuring customer satisfaction.

Acquiring new customers are costlier than retaining old ones. So once a business wins a customer it is vital to keep them hooked on to the brand. The customer loyalty towards a brand largely depends on the extent to which a companys products/ services have satisfied their needs. Furthermore, factors such as the ease with which the company helped solve a customer query/complaint post-purchase plays a vital role in deciding the repeat purchases or promoting positive word-of-mouth. In order to take corrective action before losing out on existing and potential customers it is crucial for modern businesses to measure customer satisfaction at regularly.

Customer satisfaction survey is a great tool for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Get in touch with our experts for more insights on the right metrics to measure customer experience and satisfaction!

How to measure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys

This is a standard approach for gathering data to measure customer satisfaction. This involves surveying the customers based on their satisfaction level of using the companys products/services. Customer satisfaction survey includes three variations: in-app surveys, E-mail surveys, and Post-service surveys.

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Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

One of the most commonly used methods to measure customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction score involves asking customers to rate their satisfaction with the products or services of the business. Then the average rating given by the customer is considered as the companys CSAT score.

Net promoter score

This is a method of measuring customer satisfaction based on the likeliness of a customer to refer the products/services of the company to their peers. Here, customers are asked to rate their likeliness to recommend the offerings of a company on a scale usually ranging from 1 to 10. This is a direct indicator of their satisfaction levels with the offerings.

Social media monitoring

Social media plays a crucial role in measuring customer satisfaction of brands. The reach of both customers and the business on social media are unprecedently high. This makes measuring customer satisfaction on social media a highly effective way to understand what the customers think about a particular brand and their products/services.

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