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Major NSF Grant Accelerates Development of the Giant Magellan Telescope


The GMTO Corporation has received a $17.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to accelerate the prototyping and testing of some of the most powerful optical and infrared technologies ever engineered. These crucial advancements for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile will allow astronomers to see farther into space with more detail than any other optical telescope before. The NSF grant positions the GMT to be one of the first in a new generation of large telescopes, approximately three times the size of any ground-based optical telescope built to date.

The GMT and the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) are a part of the US Extremely Large Telescope Program (US-ELTP), a joint initiative with NSFs NOIRLab to provide superior observing access to the entire sky as never before. Upon completion of each telescope, US scientists and international partners will be able to take advantage of the programs two pioneering telescopes to carry out transformational research that answers some of humanitys most pressing questions, such as are we alone in the universe and where did we come from.

We are honored to receive our first NSF grant, said Dr. Robert Shelton, President of the GMTO Corporation. It is a giant step toward realizing the GMTs scientific goals and the profound impact the GMT will have on the future of human knowledge.

One of the great challenges of engineering revolutionary technologies is constructing them to operate at optimal performance. The Giant Magellan Telescope is designed to have a resolving power ten times greater than the Hubble Space Telescope one of the most productive scientific achievements in the history of astronomy. This advancement in image quality is a prerequisite for the GMT to fully realize its scientific potential and expand our knowledge of the universe.

Image quality on any telescope starts with the primary mirror, said Dr. James Fanson, Project Manager of the GMTO Corporation. The Giant Magellan Telescopes primary mirror comprises seven 8.4m mirror segments. To achieve diffraction-limited imaging, we have to be able to phase these primary mirror segments so that they behave as a monolithic mirror. Once phased, we must then correct for Earths turbulent atmospheric distortion.

Phasing involves precisely aligning a telescopes segmented mirrors and other optical components so that they work in unison to produce crisp images of deep space. Achieving this with seven of the worlds largest mirrors ever built is no easy task. The immense size of the GMTs primary mirror requires a powerful adaptive optics system to correct for the blurring effects of the Earths atmospheric turbulence at kilohertz speeds. In other words, astronomers need to take the subtle twinkle out of the stars in order to capture high-resolution data from celestial objects thousands of light-years from our planet.

The NSF grant enables the GMT to build two phasing testbeds that will allow engineers to demonstrate, in a controlled laboratory setting, that its core designs will work to align and phase the telescopes seven mirror segments with the required precision to achieve diffraction-limited imaging at first light in 2029. This includes a full-scale prototype of the primary mirror support and control system that delivers active optical control. The testbeds will be developed at the University of Arizona Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics (CAAO) and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), while actuator testing and integration of the primary mirror support will be developed at Texas A&M University.

The NSF grant also enables the partial build and testing of a next-generation Adaptive Secondary Mirror (ASM), which is used to perform the primary mirror phasing and atmospheric distortion correction. This work will be developed in contract with AdOptica.

Our seven Adaptive Secondary Mirrors take this technology to the next step, said Dr. Fanson. No one has attempted to use seven ASMs before the Giant Magellan Telescope. They are probably the most advanced tech we have on the telescope, and their success is a top priority. We need to test and validate their performance early on in the project.

Astronomers will use the GMTs high-fidelity adaptive mirrors and other revolutionary adaptive optics technologies to detect faint biosignatures from distant exoplanets one of the GMTs primary scientific goals.

This work is part of a larger $23 million joint-award to the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) and the GMTO Corporation over the next three years. The GMT project is the work of a distinguished international consortium of leading universities and science institutions.

For more about the Giant Magellan Telescope, visit

Ryan Kallabis, Director of Communications

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IT Tech Packaging, Inc. Advances Additional Orders Negotiation with One of Its Top 5 Customers


BAODING, China, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IT Tech Packaging, Inc. (NYSE American: ITP) ("IT Tech Packaging" or "the Company"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of diversified paper products in North China, today announced that the Company is advancing negotiation with one of its top 5 customers, based in Shandong Province for orders of the paper products. The customer is currently ranked among the top 5 customers of the Company during the past couple of years.

Based on the negotiation, the Company and the customer will further cooperate on products supply and purchase in the next quarters and definitive new contracts are expected to be signed by the end of the year. Based on its increasing clients’ demand, the customer will continue to increase its purchase orders from the Company.

Mr. Zhenyong Liu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IT Tech Packaging commented, "We are pleased with the negotiation with the customer for further partnership. As Chinese economy recovers from the COVID-19 epidemic with an amazing pace, our top clients such as companies focusing on printing and packaging are also receiving amount of orders and some even have backlog of orders, so they push forward the negotiations for raw materials and increase purchase volume of our products. We appreciate their confidence in our products as well as efficiency of delivery. We hope the stable partnership between us will continue contributing considerable revenue stream in the upcoming quarters."

About IT Tech Packaging, Inc.

Founded in 1996, IT Tech Packaging, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of diversified paper products in North China. Using recycled paper as its primary raw material (with the exception of its tissue paper products), ITP produces and distributes three categories of paper products: corrugating medium paper, offset printing paper and tissue paper products. With production based in Baoding and Xingtai in North China’s Hebei Province, ITP is located strategically close to the Beijing and Tianjin region, home to a growing base of industrial and manufacturing activities and one of the largest markets for paper products consumption in the country. ITP has been listed on the NYSE American since December 2009.

Safe Harbor Statements

This press release may contain forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or anticipated, including risks outlined in the Company’s public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Company’s latest annual report on Form 10-K. All information provided in this press release speaks as of the date hereof. Except as otherwise required by law, the Company undertakes no obligation to update or revise its forward-looking statements.

For more information, please contact:

At the Company Email:
[email protected]
Tel: +86 0312 8698215

Investor Relations:
Janice Wang
EverGreen Consulting Inc.
Email: [email protected]

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Altium Accelerates IoT Hardware Development with Modular Design and Toradex Collaboration


Altium (ASX:ALU) announces that Toradex, a leading embedded computing solution provider, has licensed the Geppetto modular design tool. Toradex users can now go straight from creating a Toradex design, to manufacturing a working printed circuit board in just one session from the Toradex website.

With Geppetto, Altium has simplified electronic engineering and removed the barrier of entry for a new breed of product inventors. Engineers and designers of all levels now have easy access to modular prototyping and rapid production, propelling electronics design for the emerging AI and IoT markets.

The partnership with Altium allows everybody to create customized boards using a web-based ˜drag and drop designer, no schematic and layout experience required! Currently supported are the Verdin and Colibri SoMs featuring the latest NXP i.MX 6, i.MX 7 and i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processors. The collaboration also extends into the software. Torizon, the open source easy-to-use Linux platform, can be configured to support the custom boards built with Geppetto, said Daniel Lang, CMO, Toradex. We look forward to enabling even more modules such as the Verdin i.MX 8M Plus featuring an integrated neural network accelerator for Machine Learning applications.

Geppetto is a free cloud-based design tool that opens the door to electronics design for non-electrical engineers. Now Toradex users can create Geppetto-based carrier board designs for Toradex Computer-on-Modules and Single Board Computers in minutes, and have it ready to ship from 7-20 working days.

We are thrilled Toradex is choosing to give their users the power of authorship and advanced design using Geppetto, said W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D., head of Modular Hardware, Altium, LLC. Geppetto is democratizing the path for electronics design.

Geppetto Key Capabilities:

  • Custom Web-design tool – embedded directly into the Toradex ecosystem, Geppetto provides a simple drag and drop design platform to develop production-ready prototypes for IoT and AI applications.
  • Free Design, BSP, and 3D Model files On Demand – Geppetto generates EagleCAD, .BRD and .SCH files of your design on-demand, as well as instant pricing and customized device trees, datasheets and .STL models.
  • Altium Viewer – With Altium Viewer embedded in the Geppetto interface, Geppetto also provides Altium Designer project files and high-quality PDF schematics.
  • Rapid Manufacturing – Carrier boards designed and ordered in Geppetto reduces engineering cost and errors. Geppetto automates the PCB routing, BOM, fabs and assembly. Electronics arrive pretested, application ready, and fully assembled in 15 business days.

Register for The Innovative Drag and Drop Hardware Development for Embedded Devices Webinar, November 18th, 2020 to learn how Toradex now enables customized embedded computing solutions without the need to draw schematics and layout boards. You will be introduced to Geppetto, a web-based design tool, which lets you create a carrier board for Toradex System on Modules. 

About Geppetto

Geppetto is a free online design tool that lets almost anyone create electronic device designs. Hardware design can be created in minutes, complete with BOM documentations and pricing. Users can clone existing templates, create multiple projects, and go straight from a design to a production ready order in one session. Geppetto is an Altium product. To learn more about Geppettos web design tool integration into Toradex visit

Press Contact

Masha V. Petrova

[email protected]

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Analysis of COVID-19 on Preclinical Animal Behavior Market | Market to See High Growth Due to the Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Conditions | Technavio


The global preclinical animal behavior market is expected to grow by USD 19.52 million as per Technavio. This marks a significant market slow down compared to the 2019 growth estimates due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020. However, steady growth is expected to continue throughout the forecast period, and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 4%.

For the Right Perspective & Competitive Insights- Request Free Sample Report on Pandemic Recovery Analysis

Read the 120-page report with TOC on “Preclinical Animal Behavior Market Analysis Report by End-user (Industrial laboratories and CROs and Academic and government research laboratories), Geography (North America, Europe, Asia, and ROW), Application (Small animals and Large animals), and the Segment Forecasts, 2020-2024”. Gain competitive intelligence about market leaders. Track key industry opportunities, trends, and threats. Information on marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales, and supply functions.

The preclinical animal behavior market is driven by the increasing prevalence of various chronic diseases. In addition, the increase in digitization and automation in healthcare is anticipated to boost the growth of the preclinical animal behavior market.

Lifestyle changes such as poor dietary habits and consumption of tobacco and alcohol and air pollution have increased the prevalence of various chronic diseases and disorders. Every year, chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases claim a large number of deaths worldwide. For instance, about three-tenth of the people died from some form of cardiovascular disease in 2016, globally. Out of these, more than eight-tenths were due to heart attack and stroke. The prevalence of such diseases is further increasing with the expanding geriatric population worldwide. These factors have led to the research for the development of novel therapies for various chronic conditions, which has increased the use of animals in preclinical trials. Therefore, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases is expected to drive the growth of the global preclinical animal behavior market during the forecast period.

Buy 1 Technavio report and get the second for 50% off. Buy 2 Technavio reports and get the third for free.

View market snapshot before purchasing

Major Five Preclinical Animal Behavior Companies:

Columbus Instruments International

Columbus Instruments International operates its business through a unified segment. The company offers various animal behaviour research equipment such as ACTUAL-HCA; automated animal activity meter for measuring locomotor activity, sterotypic movement, vertical movement, time in square, and animal path; and comprehensive lab animal monitoring system for 24-hour, automated, non-invasive collection of several physiological and behavioral parameters.

Harvard Bioscience Inc.

Harvard Bioscience Inc. operates its business through a unified segment. Through its subsidiary Panlab SL, the company offers a wide range of apparatus to analyze animal’s behavior in diverse thematics such as operant conditioning, pain and analgesia, learning and memory, locomotor activity and exploration, food, drink and metabolism, anxiety and depression, video tracking, sensory motor and coordination, fear and emotion.


Imetronic operates its business through segments such as Devices and Services. The company offers a wide range of apparatus to analyze animal behavior in diverse thematics such as operant conditioning, drug dependencies, learning and memory, locomotion and motor coordination, consumption, anxiety and depression, video tracking, movement compensators and rotary joints.

Kinder Scientific

Kinder Scientific operates its business through the Products segment. The company offers a wide range of apparatus to analyze animals’ behavior in diverse thematics such as fear conditioning system, learning and memory, motor activity, and anxiety and depression, etc.

Med Associates Inc.

Med Associates Inc. operates its business through a unified segment. The company offers a wide range of apparatus to analyze animals’ behavior in diverse thematics such as operant conditioning and general behavior, fear conditioning, learning and memory, mazes, videotracking, etc.

Register for a free trial today and gain instant access to 17,000+ market research reports.

Technavio’s SUBSCRIPTION platform

Preclinical Animal Behavior Market End-user Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2020-2024)

  • Industrial laboratories and CROs
  • Academic and government research laboratories

Preclinical Animal Behavior Market Geography Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2020-2024)

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • ROW

Preclinical Animal Behavior Market Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2020-2024)

  • Small animals
  • Large animals

Are you a start-up willing to make it big in the business? Grab an exclusive Report

Related Reports on Healthcare Include:

Global Preclinical Animal Telemetry Market “ Global preclinical animal telemetry market by end-user (industrial laboratories and CROs and academic, government, and other research laboratories), type (small animal telemetry and large animal telemetry), and geography (North America, Europe, Asia, and ROW).

Global Animal Genetics Market “ Global animal genetics market by geography (Asia, Europe, North America, and ROW) and solution (live animal, genetic testing services, and genetic materials).

About Technavio

Technavio is a leading global technology research and advisory company. Their research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends and provides actionable insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions.

With over 500 specialized analysts, Technavios report library consists of more than 17,000 reports and counting, covering 800 technologies, spanning across 50 countries. Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing client base relies on Technavios comprehensive coverage, extensive research, and actionable market insights to identify opportunities in existing and potential markets and assess their competitive positions within changing market scenarios.

Technavio Research

Jesse Maida

Media & Marketing Executive

US: +1 844 364 1100

UK: +44 203 893 3200

Email: [email protected]


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Analysis of COVID-19 on Preclinical Animal Behavior Market | Market to See High Growth Due to the Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Conditions | Technavio

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