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‘Machine Learning Superpowers’: Dessa Launches Foundations Atlas and Foundations Orbit, New Products For Engineering Real-World ML At Scale


TORONTO, July 31, 2019 — Dessa, a company with world-renowned excellence in machine learning, announced today the launch of its new products Atlas and Orbit, which together make up Foundations, an end-to-end platform for the development and production of ML at scale. The launch of Atlas and Orbit marks the company’s biggest product launch to date, just weeks after Dessa engineers shared their AI recreation of Joe Rogan’s voice this May, which was developed using Atlas.

Product Details:

Atlas: Tools for rapidly developing ML at scale. Enables ML engineers to manage 1000s of experiments concurrently, save 8x on compute costs and deploy models with a single click

Orbit: Tools for managing ML models in production. Enables ML engineers to overcome costly production challenges, with features for model performance monitoring, maintenance, automatic training and A/B testing

Alex Krizhevsky, the company’s Principal ML Architect, says that Atlas “transforms the time-consuming and frustrating process of managing experiments into something that’s easy and even enjoyable, also allowing for insights you might not have otherwise.”

The design of both products was informed by the company’s experience deploying ML for the world’s largest organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. Stephen Piron, the company’s Co-CEO remarks that “before Foundations, helping these companies build and deploy their first AI systems was never easy. It often felt like we had to drag these systems kicking and screaming into production. But everything we’ve learned has been baked into Atlas and Orbit. We hope offering these tools to the world will be truly game-changing.”

Teams wanting to test the products themselves can register for a free trial of Atlas, also featuring Google Cloud credits and a text-generation tutorial. Demos for Atlas and Orbit are also available. Learn more about the products, trial and demos at

Dessa helps the world’s largest organizations reinvent what’s possible with machine learning. Founded in 2016, the company has excelled at applying cutting-edge ML techniques to generate significant value in industries ranging from finance to telecommunications. Today, the company empowers teams to build and deploy enterprise-grade ML applications at scale with Foundations Atlas and Foundations Orbit.

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