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Beauty food is on everyone’s lips. Newspapers, fitness and women’s magazines, apps, blogs and personal conversations regularly feed their content with new tips and recipes for beauty food nutrition. Studies prove that: In addition to a balanced lifestyle, the right diet plays an important role for a radiantly beautiful and youthful appearance. But not everyone has the time and leisure to put together a nutritious and balanced daily diet. For all such people, LR Health & Beauty has developed the revolutionary LR LIFETAKT 5in1 Beauty Elixir. For the first time, the direct sales company is incorporating its health and beauty expertise in a product that also bears the Made in Germany quality seal.

New beauty era

Andreas Friesch, CEO and Management Board spokesperson, explains the special nature of this new product development: At our headquarters, a huge poster bearing the inscription “This drop will change your life!” welcomes our employees, sales partners and visitors. In fact, the 5in1 Beauty Elixir is groundbreaking because it fulfills consumers’ wishes for a youthful appearance. The combination of aloe vera with the most important beauty ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, copper, zinc and vitamin C heralds a new beauty era for LR. The new product is a world premiere that perfectly serves the beauty food sector “ for the benefit of our sales partners and their customers.

Beauty from within

LR LIFETAKT 5in1 Beauty Elixir to drink fulfills all five beauty wishes at once: youthful appearance, clean skin, firm body, strong hair and strong nails. With just one ampoule a day, it ensures radiant beauty from head to toe “ thanks to the unique double complex of the most important beauty ingredients and the power of nature. The 5in1 Beauty Elixir sets itself apart from other beauty food products on the market thanks to its preventive complex, which protects the skin from environmental influences from within and prevents signs of aging. In addition, the active complex activates the beauty processes in the body and ensures radiant beauty from head to toe “ regardless of age. The Elixir benefits from the active power of nature, has a fruity fresh taste and has no sweeteners, artificial colors, lactose or gluten.

LR Health & Beauty

Under the motto “More quality for your life”, the LR Group, headquartered in Ahlen, Westphalia, produces and markets various beauty and health products in 28 countries. These include care and decorative cosmetics, dietary supplements and perfumes. LR Health & Beauty attaches great importance to the processing of first-class raw materials. Since most articles are manufactured at the location in Ahlen, the company stands for top Made in Germany products. The processing of aloe vera has been one of the core competences of LR Health & Beauty for over 15 years, exclusively using the precious leaf interior. With an annual volume of around 12,000 tons of aloe vera leaves, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of aloe vera products worldwide. Based in Ahlen, the company boasts Europe’s most modern aloe vera production facility for aloe vera drinking gels. In the fragrance segment, the company, founded in 1985, cooperates with celebrities such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Karolina Kurkova and Bruce Willis. With 1,200 employees and thousands of registered distributors and customers, LR is one of the leading direct selling companies in Europe. LR’s strong market position is based above all on its high-quality product range and the attractive remuneration and training concept for its sales partners, which is exemplary in the industry. With the LR Global Kids Fund e.V., LR also supports needy children and their families in various countries around the world quickly and unbureaucratically in cooperation with established local institutions.

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