LoyaltyExpress Unveils LendingConnect – A World-Class Point-of-Sale Solution that Simplifies the Lending Process


Woburn, MA, Oct. 15, 2018 — LoyaltyExpress, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing automation and CRM solutions for banks and mortgage companies, today announced its revolutionary new point-of-sale solution – LendingConnect – an interview-style 1003 application manager with intuitive, automated elements that simplify the way borrowers apply for a loan and how bankers streamline processes.  The substantial efficiencies gained through LendingConnect dramatically reduce overall application and funding timelines, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower origination expenses.

“Ever-intensifying requirements and costs to approve and fund a mortgage are weighing heavily on lenders and their mortgage customers,” said Wayne Steagall, President of LendingManager.  “The industry is starving for an automated environment to pull in credit scores, underwriting, and approval-letter delivery.  Now it is here, complete with dynamic and flexible workflows that keep borrowers engaged and delighted.  This equation is of tremendous value to loan officers.”

With nearly 10,000 licensed users, Fannie Mae rapidly approved LendingConnect for its Desktop Underwriter platform based on the consumer-friendly, efficient online format.  It also integrates with several Fannie Mae Day One Certainty providers.  The technology behind this point-of-sale solution includes LOS, pricing engine, and CRM/LMS integrations.  These integrations (along with two-way notifications between loan officers and borrowers) lower origination costs and increase customer satisfaction.  A mobile app option is also available to borrowers as well as a centralized document portal.

About LoyaltyExpress

LoyaltyExpress simplifies CRM and marketing automation for banks and mortgage companies, including one of the top three retail lenders in the nation. LoyaltyExpress eliminates the need to share sensitive customer data with multiple vendors and has a team of world-class marketing and branding experts with extensive experience in the mortgage industry.  Its flagship solution, CustomerManager, is an enterprise-wide, Software-as-a-Service platform that combines lead management, email and direct mail campaigns with a 360-degree view of each loan officer’s customers, partners and prospects. The MarketingCentral service delivers a web-based, sales collateral store powered by custom content creation and integrated print fulfillment. LoyaltyExpress also acquired Lending Manager in 2017 and SoftVu in 2018. LendingManager builds custom corporate and loan officer websites for lenders of all sizes, delivering world-class, flexible point-of-sale solutions with over 75 integrations with the leading mortgage technology providers. SoftVu is the master of lead conversion in the mortgage space. Its technology, campaign strategies, and email deliverability and reporting allow for steady streams of analytics and reporting required to maximize capture rates.  LoyaltyExpress is backed by New Capital Partners. For more information, visit www.loyaltyexpress.com.



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