Lowering Inventory Carrying Costs for an Industrial Materials Manufacturer by $0.7 Million | SpendEdge’s Latest Success Story

SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their supply management study for an industrial materials manufacturer.

Project background

The client wanted to improve its profitability and maximize shareholder value of the company by increasing asset utilization. The time agreed to achieve this objective was six months.

  • Objective 1: The company wanted to enhance their supply management process and analyze cost reduction opportunities.
  • Objective 2: They were also interested in exploring market opportunities to facilitate better sources of raw materials.
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Supply management involves the coordination of pre-production logistics and inventory management. It enables companies to identify and procure goods or services that are vital for the companys ongoing operations. It also establishes supplier management process and implements procedures that facilitate the procurement process, says a procurement expert from SpendEdge.

Key findings and solutions offered

In a span of six months, the client “ an industrial materials manufacturer “ implemented documented procedures for forecasting and improved their production planning. They identified suppliers who can offer the most competitive pricing and meet their business demands. The solution offered helped them to:

  • Boost their brand value by ensuring timely delivery of products to customers.
  • Improve inventory planning and management by effective demand forecasting.
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Outcome: The supply management strategy implemented by SpendEdge helped the client to redesign the warehousing process and ensure a continuous supply of materials. This substantially reduced supply chain costs and boosted the overall profitability of the client. The services offered further lowered the inventory carrying costs by approximately $0.7 million per year for the company and enabled them to improve their customer service process.

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