Leveraging Technology – JIQI empowers E-commerce to grow in new ways

SHANGHAI, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China's influential platform for young leaders – the Global youth Innovation Conference (GYIC) successfully concluded its 5th annual conference in Beijing. In recognition of JIQI's efforts to provide merchants and vendors with a one-stop, end-to-end solution to increase their revenue and optimize their operations through the company's JIQI Market and patented GoodsRank algorithm, JIQI was awarded as one of the “Innovative Companies with the Greatest Potential 2021.”

A few days prior to this, JIQI was also awarded “Innovative Product with the most Potential” by the Insights into the 2022 China Enterprise Service Annual Conference and “Best Prospect Award” from the 2021 China Venture Capital Summit.

How does JIQI continue to hog the spotlight even in this new era of rapidly evolving technology and business and thought models? What does this mean for the new economy in China?

JIQI has built an algorithm-based, web-native, and scalable platform that matches new sellers looking to differentiate themselves with precisely tailored goods chosen among hundreds of millions on the platform through applying its innovative technology that quickly calculates the right fit among many product categories, sellers, and platforms.

Leveraging its proprietary patented GoodsRank algorithm, JIQI helps sellers improve their information match rate and arrive at a unique value proposition, unique product niche, and unique use scenarios, avoiding much ineffective competition based on homogenous characteristics and giving sellers greater room to price based on their own unique value.

On the service innovation side, JIQI offers the one-stop end-to-end solution JIQI Market that includes services such as product selection, content, shelving, promotion, packaging, inventory management, and customer services, putting small sellers on even ground with big brands in terms of professional support and making their lives easier.

JIQI's team of founders are experienced serial entrepreneurs, which is one of the key reasons venture capitalists sees JIQI becoming a leader in the industry. An experienced founding team means JIQI knows how to navigate the rapidly changing startup environment and has a reproduceable formula for success. This affords the founders the luxury of asking deeper questions that can create fundamental changes in the market.

As a darling of the capital markets, JIQI has exhibited an ability to organize and manage brands and the whole supply chain in a highly effective way. The company has leveraged its rich professional experience in areas such as algorithm, e-commerce, product, supply chain, brand marketing, and organizational management to extend the lead its management team has on rapid execution and efficiency.

Another reason is JIQI's ability to empower online merchants to arrive at exponential growth. JIQI's extensive technical research allows the company to precisely match new and unique products with online merchants; the company helps many partners develop their online and digital presence and provides the one-stop end-to-end solution JIQI Market that includes services such as product selection, content, shelving, promotion, packaging, inventory management, and customer services. The GoodsRank algorithm helps suppliers create and produce their own unique micro-branded products and easily achieve increased revenues and optimized operations.

Also, JIQI insists on co-creating and sharing with the company's upstream and downstream partners. The company's business model of empowering merchants and suppliers to increase revenue and optimize efficiency is gradually showing its strategic advantage: As the COVID pandemic continues, many merchants have trouble selecting the product and even more trouble clearing their inventory. JIQI provides superior products that are a better fit for their own individual operations and more appropriate for these times of changing consumer behavior. This helps sellers sell more and earn more without the pressure of inventory.

For suppliers, GoodsRank helps factories convert more ingenious products into hot commodities and into the hands of more sellers. This creates a virtuous cycle that allows suppliers to form a micro-brand matrix and achieves resource sharing at key nodes up and down the supply chain, as well as building a brand new e-commerce ecosystem.

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