Leveraging Social Listening Can Improve Your Customer Experience Significantly – Download Quantzig’s Free Resource to Know More!


Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource on the business benefits of social listening. Today, the sales funnel is no more the holy grail of marketing metaphors. For any business to be successful, an appropriate roadmap to pitch your products or services to your customers is extremely crucial. This is where social listening helps. Social listening basically helps businesses to discover what their potential clients talks about their brand on social platforms.

Social listening can help companies to profile their target audiences and drive targeted campaigns, says an analytics expert from Quantzig.

Social listening takes a macro look at the perspectives of your customers. It leverages data obtained from social monitoring and customer interactions to build a detailed overview of customers and their perceptions about your brand. Additionally, it takes into account your competitors strategy and market conditions to understand and analyze the key performing metrics to success.

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Business benefits of social listening

  • Improves customer experience Apart from contacting the brand itself, a social media platform also helps in building relationships with the customers. Businesses can make use of social media platforms to improve customer experience, by leveraging social listening to identify and respond to their customers comments on social channels. This can help in offering personalized experience to the customers and can help in customer retention. Are you wondering how to analyze your brand sentiment, understand the effectiveness of your promotional activities, and seek information on the competing brands? Request a free proposal now.
  • Helps in keeping an eye on the competitors Social media listening allows companies to follow their competitors on social channels and keep a track of their strategy. Analyzing the condition of market from a competitors viewpoint will help businesses to analyze the key performing metrics to success.

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