iVueit’s On-Demand Site Auditing Platform Exceeds 25,000 Locations

iVueit, an Ohio-based startup seeking to revolutionize the way commercial contractors, service aggregators, and facilities management verify the status of retail, restaurant, hotel, bank and convenience store chain locations under management, has announced that its platform has reached a major milestone, photographing over 25,000 locations across 50 US states.

iVueit was developed by facilities professionals who understand the herculean challenge of quickly gathering photos and information to make informed decisions, says Mike Popadak, Co-Founder & CEO at iVueit. iVueit is truly a game changer, delivering real-time photographic verification of property status with the click of a button.

The iVueit platform simplifies the process of collecting, exchanging and maintaining photographic verification and data about a locations exterior and interior status. This benefits a variety of repair and maintenance contractors and service aggregators who are under pressure to cost-effectively provide their clients with proof-of-service, including:

¢ interior/exterior lighting

¢ floorcare

¢ signage

¢ facade condition

¢ parking lots

¢ snow removal

¢ landscaping

¢ disaster relief services

The company says its a win-win for all.

Before iVueit, contractors, service aggregators and facilities management would spend thousands of dollars and hours, attempting to amass a photographic record of all locations under management. The results were incomplete, costly and delivered too late to provide real insights and meaningful decision support, says Matt Lyons, Co-Founder & COO.

At the heart of iVueits platform is their nationwide Vuer network, comprised of over 30,000 registered app users who are deployed on-demand to complete verification projects in as little as 1.5 days, on average, with 50% being completed the day they are requested.

iVueit is putting on-demand photos in our hands quickly and accurately. Theres no disputing a time stamped photo proving how a location looks right now. “Regional Facilities Manager

About iVueit

iVueit is a technology platform and mobile app that simplifies the process of collecting, exchanging and maintaining photographic verification and data of a locations interior and exterior status. iVueit currently has verified over 25,000 retail, bank, hotel, c-store and commercial real estate locations for national brands. The app is available for download at Apple and Google Play app stores. Follow iVueit at @iVueit on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

For more information, please visit www.iVueit.com

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