ISID Acquires Indonesian IT Company with Aim of Expanding Business Targeting Local Financial Institutions

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (TOKYO: 4812) (ISID Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ryoichi Nawa) announced today that through its subsidiary PT. ISID INDONESIA (Head Office: Jakarta, Indonesia; President Director: Takuya Ono; hereinafter, ISID INDONESIA), it has acquired a 75% equity stake in PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi (Head Office: Jakarta, Indonesia; President Director: Dedy Effendi Lingga; hereinafter Ebiz), which is engaged in the IT business in Indonesia. With this acquisition, Ebiz is now a subsidiary of ISID.

Ebiz is an IT company engaged in sales of self-developed and third partys software solutions as well as the provision of technical support services. Ebizs proprietarily developed reporting solution Maleo Series for financial authorities has a commanding market share and is used by more than 20 major Indonesian leasing and finance companies, including those ranked as the top 10. Recently in Indonesia, enhanced supervision by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia has increased the need for reporting solutions for all Indonesian financial-related corporations (leasing and finance companies, banks, securities companies, insurance providers), thus significant growth is expected in the businesses of Ebiz in the future.

ISID INDONESIA is engaged in the systems integration business, mainly for Japanese corporations operating in Indonesia. And, it has seen, over the past several years in particular, increasing market demands for Lamp, comprehensive core system for leasing and financing business developed and deploying by ISID Group in China and the ASEAN region. ISID INDONESIA has implemented Lamp for numerous customers in Indonesia, including those leading 4 Japanese leasing and financing companies doing business in the country. With this acquisition, ISID Group will add to its solution lineup Ebizs reporting solution for financial authorities required by existing and potential Lamp customers. Additionally, ISID Group intends to expand its financial solutions business in Indonesia by accelerating sales of Lamp and a variety of other solutions leveraging Ebiz local customer base.

The impact of this transaction on ISID’s consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019 is expected to be minimal.


Ebiz Company Overview


Company name   PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi
Representative Dedy Effendi Lingga, President Director
Location Jakarta, Indonesia

Year of establishment 2001
Shareholder composition ISID INDONESIA 75% after acquisition has completed
Number of employees 110
Line of Business Provider of system integration services (IT consulting, system development, product sales and maintenance, etc.) for enterprises


About Maleo Series

Maleo is a reporting solution for the Indonesian Financial Services Authority developed by Ebiz. This series includes the SLIK credit information reporting package and the SIPP reporting solution for financial authorities. Since its launch in 2017, Maleo has been introduced at over 20 Indonesian financial institutions.

About Lamp

Lamp stands for the Leasing & Finance Advanced Management Portal and is a core system for leasing and finance operations developed by ISIDs Chinese subsidiary, ISI-Dentsu Shanghai Co., Ltd. This system includes basic functions supporting customer management, contract management, billing, collection and payment management, and is also equipped with a variety of other functions, such as multilingual support, multiple currency transaction support and the processing of installment payment refunds due to interest and exchange rate fluctuations. The system is also compatible for use in conjunction with banking, CMS, accounting and other systems. Since its launch in 2010, Lamp has been adopted at over 255 locations by 31 companies in 8 countries, mainly Japanese corporations operating in China and the ASEAN region. (As of March 2019)

Note: Company and product names in this release are the trademark or registered trademark of each company respectively.

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