Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI) Adds New Global Blockchain Leaders from Polymath, Galaxy Digital, Tata, Park Capital, Pensco Trust, Securitize, Telefonica, Rivetz and Others

The Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI) continues its rapid growth as a leader in the global blockchain community today announcing the addition of over 20 new Blockchain/Crypto Leaders as IBI Founding members representing over 30 global organizations. The think tank brings together the worlds innovators in both the traditional and the blockchain/crypto financial systems, along with leaders from corporate, academic, regulatory, entrepreneurial, venture capital, and governmental backgrounds. The IBI has been a pioneer in the security token space.

The open source think tank was launched in May 2018 and its first initiative is in the Security Token space and is called the JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO): a new approach to trading digital equity securities (commonly referred to as equity tokens) on the blockchain that creates a solution for the regulatory gap in ICOs. The JCO is a next-gen hybrid that gives startups a pathway from initial capital to IPO on the blockchain so that companies all over the world can more easily tap into the financial resources they need to grow.

David Namdar, Managing Director of Galaxy Digital stated, The blockchain will revolutionize financial services just as the internet did with communications and commerce. The JOBS Crypto Offering is in a position to revolutionize the investment space as the preferred track to taking a company public.

New IBI founding members announced today include:

Polymath, CEO, Co-Founder, Trevor Koverko Tata Trusts, Head of Assessments and Impact, Anand Datla Galaxy Digital, Managing Director, David Namdar Park Capital, Managing Partner, Alexander Lopatine Securitize, CEO, Co-Founder, Carlos Domingo Telefonica, Director of Growth Channels & Partnerships, Fernando Herrera Pensco Trust Company, President, Patrick Hughes Security Token Group, Founding Partner, Mario Pazos University of Porto Business School, Professor, Pedro Pinheiro Nearpod, Founder and Chairman, Felipe Sommer Dechert LLP, Partner, Timothy Spangler Quail Creek Ventures, Managing Director, Michael Conn Rivetz, CEO, Steven Sprague Polymath, CTO, Co-Founder, Chris Housser Indusview, CEO, Rudra Dalmia Crypto Currency Newsfeed, Founder, Aaron Wise Securitize, CTO, Co-Founder, Jaime Finn Userwave, Chief Data Officer, Nick Brando Security Token Group, Founding Partner, Herwig Konings

They join existing IBI founding members in playing an instrumental role bringing together the global leaders of the blockchain and traditional finance to establish standards and best practices to enable and encourage the global community to take advantage of the full power of the blockchain in capital markets.

We are at the beginning of a multi trillion dollar shift in the way capital will be raised and traded through the merging of blockchain and Wall Street, says IBI Founder and Chairman Gregory Keough. The tokenization of assets will create new and improved asset classes and the democratization of investment opportunities making available globally products that previously were reserved to ultra-high net worth investors and hedge funds.

The IBI believes that the blockchain will be a powerful engine for bringing more people into the financial system and providing equal access to all players globally.

About The Institute for Blockchain Innovation

The Institute for Blockchain Innovation is a think tank of the worlds innovators in both the traditional and the blockchain-based financial systems, along with leaders from corporate, regulatory, entrepreneurial, venture capital, academic, and governmental backgrounds. The open source community is dedicated to establishing standards and best practices to enable and encourage the global community to take advantage of the full power of the blockchain. Each year, the Institute identifies a key blockchain initiative to pursue.

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