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Quantzig, a pure-play analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest big data analytics report for a packaged goods manufacturer. The client is a renowned global consumer packaged goods manufacturer who is based out of the United States. One of the key reasons behind the clients need for this engagement was their inability to analyze brand performance across 40+ market segments in the South American region. The client wanted to implement efficient data management strategies to gain a unified view of the relevant market data. As a result, they approached Quantzig to leverage their expertise in offering big data analytics solutions that help harness maximum insights from data sources.

Industries across different domains are adopting big data technologies. Few of the major factors contributing to the big data revolution and technologies are humongous data sources, the advent of new technologies, and the cultural shift towards analytical decision making. However, big data analytics has not been to deliver the desired results as businesses are yet to leverage big data tools to their full potential. Therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to keep track of big data trends.

According to the big data analytics experts at Quantzig, With the increase in tech-savvy and well-informed global populace, companies need to find innovative and engaging ways earn the trust of the global audience.

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The big data analytics study helped the client, a consumer packaged goods manufacturer, to gain in-depth insights into complex and disparate data sources with the help of big data analytics and predictive analytics capabilities. Additionally, the solution offered helped the manufacturer to consolidate data from different sources and formats into a single source to generate valuable insights for business decision-making. With our help, the CPG industry player was able to differentiate itself from the key competitors.

This big data analytics engagement provided benefits that helped the client to:

  • Build stronger brand strategies.
  • Consolidate data from different sources into a single source for detailed analysis.
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The big data analytics solution offered predictive insights on:

  • Delivering real-time insights into categories, markets, and demographics.
  • Gaining a unified view of their data sources across various categories.
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