Imaginea partners with WaveMaker to deliver low-code digital transformation and application modernization solution

Partnership will enable enterprises to execute quickly, efficiently, and flexibly on digital transformation efforts

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 24, 2018 — Imaginea Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley-based software engineering and professional services provider, today announced a collaboration with WaveMaker, Inc., a leading enterprise low-code Rapid Application Development platform, to provide critical digital transformation solutions for customers looking to modernize their applications efficiently and strategically.

WaveMaker will make its low-code platform available to Imaginea customers seeking the tools needed to modernize their software stacks and industry solutions in order to remain competitive. The WaveMaker platform is characterized by a wide range of capabilities and features, including open technology standards, containers, microservices, and API connectivity across any combination of cloud and legacy on-premise applications.

Through this partnership, Imaginea will be better positioned to help customers easily turn around non-performing systems rapidly with modern, comprehensive solutions.

“As two companies that are focused on enterprise productivity and agility, our synergy will enable customers to accelerate their transformations into modern digital enterprises,” says Imaginea Chief Revenue Officer, Suresh Babu. “Partnering with WaveMaker gives our customers the new technology they need to gain a competitive advantage in their industries.”

“Our customers must be able to easily identify the tools they need to quickly and successfully implement a digital transformation or extend the useful life of a legacy application. A low-code approach enables enterprises to jumpstart and complete large and complex digital projects faster and without losing steam,” says Babu.

“Low-code platforms not only empower enterprises to effectively execute on digital transformations and application modernization projects, but they also enable customers to future-proof their efforts and safeguard their software investments. With WaveMaker, customers can avoid the challenges of vendor lock-in through unmatched flexibility combined with full code access that is portable and based on open standards,” says WaveMaker VP of Engineering, Deepak Anupalli.

“Our partnership targets forward-thinking companies that are looking to transform their businesses with software development methodology that is fast, flexible, and leverages modern cloud-native technology,” says Suresh Babu.

The collaboration comes at a time when both Imaginea and WaveMaker are seeing rapid growth as they work with a rising number of Fortune 1000 companies seeking to implement digital transformation strategies and modernization plans.

Modernization is a strategic imperative for most organizations seeking to remain competitive in their industries, and a low-code approach can help enterprises transform aging applications quickly and economically based on their unique business goals. For more information on Imaginea’s Enterprise offering, visit or write to [email protected].


From startups to Fortune 500s, Imaginea helps customers leverage product thinking in their domain, to solve their toughest technology problems, as they rush to meet rising customer expectations and tackle unpredictable moves by digital competitors. Headquartered in Mountain View, they work with over 200 global customers across US, Europe, and India turning ideas into amazing products. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


WaveMaker’s software platform revolutionizes how enterprises build, deliver, and manage modern custom applications, improving business agility and fostering innovation. WaveMaker leverages the latest trends and technologies in low-code such as multi-device auto-responsive interfaces and componentized app assembly, Docker for app-optimized container deployment on private infrastructures, and APIs and Microservices Architecture (MSA) for scalable integration. For more information, visit, or like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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Imaginea partners with WaveMaker to deliver low-code digital transformation and application modernization solution 1

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