Illinois Municipalities Appoint Outside Advisors To Solve Economic Woes

As real estate and business relies less on local investors and more on a national relationship, local government throughout Illinois and the nation is hiring professionals that can whip up a fast solution, before the money dries up.

The City of Oak Forest auctioned away a ten-year challenge, selling their newest project to build over 100 units at their brand-new Metra Station; the buyer – a NY investor.

Speedway wins the bid at auction for prime I-394 property at the gateway to Crete, IL, 30 minutes from Downtown, to build an $8 million flagship gas and C-store center.

The Village of Midlothian reached for outside help to rebuild key corridors and to organize private owners of challenging properties, said Gary L’Heureux, Mayor, Midlothian, who retained Diliberto Real Estate Services, LLC.

The decline of big box retail real estate shifts the entire marketplace for some villages and cities; leaving many competing for their share of new development and investment dollars, said Dino Diliberto, director with Diliberto. He adds, From small to large, there is no village or city that shouldnt look closely at vacant properties and create a plan.

Firms like Diliberto Real Estate (DRES) organize a combination of financial companies, developers, capital firms, business and governmental sources to accelerate results for local government in a fraction of the typical time required. When a property needs to be sold, they rely on the accelerated auction method, and a sale in about 8 weeks. But nothing comes without cost. Bonus to government? It can easily be a less expensive process to outsource. No additional city employment; able to hire by need. Faster resolve.

According to Diliberto, City leaders are just doing what the private sector has been doing for many years; they are seeking better control of their economic future, while being budget conscious.

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