Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon Endeavors to Increase Disability Employment Through HAPPY DODREAMI


HAPPY DODREAMI, Hyosung ITX (KRX: 094280)s subsidiary employing the disabled, received a visit from a delegation of the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection on Oct. 17.

It introduced its stabilized and well-organized workplaces and operating systems to them. HAPPY DODREAMI was established by Hyosung ITX to give jobs to the disabled. It is a standard business place employing the disabled which is equipped with production facilities rated suitable for them to use by related law.

The Russian officials came to Seoul from Moscow to share information on government policies of both countries for the physically handicapped and have a better understanding of South Koreas employment and support systems for the disabled. Their trip to South Korea was hosted by the Russian Embassy in Seoul, and their program in Korea was run by KOICS, a non-profit organization seeking international cooperation and development.

The delegation of about 20 officials led by a bureau chief of the ministry visited the first HAPPY DODREAMI business site in the headquarters of Hyosung ITX. They were briefed on its operation before examining works by employees with severe hearing or developmental disorders and their working conditions.

HAPPY DODREAMI is a legally certified standard business place for the disabled. It was established by Hyosung ITX in 2013 according to Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-Joons commitment to expand the employment of the physically disadvantaged. Some 60 employees with serious hearing impairment or developmental disabilities are currently working at cafeterias or providing in-house business support services.

In 2017, HAPPY DODREAMI was credited with creating jobs for the disabled. It received a prize for employing the physically disadvantaged and a letter certifying it as an excellent employer of the disabled from the Ministry of Employment and Labor and Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled.

I am proud of HAPPY DODREAMI because it was introduced as an exemplary employer of the disabled, Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon said, I will keep trying to create jobs and stable working conditions for them.

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