HVR Announces New Feature for Monitoring Data Integration Performance


HVR, provider of real-time data integration technology, today announced that it has launched Insights, a powerful, intuitive, graphical interface for monitoring data integration performance. Included as an enhancement to HVRs existing solution, this new capability will enable organizations to move beyond simply monitoring and reporting on their real-time data integration health, giving them more control in managing their complex data transfers.

Integration scenarios today are increasingly complex, as organizations are trying to move data from multiple sources into multiple destinations often involving cloud-based architecture, said Mark Van de Wiel, Chief Technology Officer for HVR. Insights gives our customers another tool to better visualize and manage how the data is moving so that they can ensure decisions are being made with the freshest data possible.

Created in direct response to customer need, Insights enhances the existing product, delivering information about data movement straight out of the box, direct from process and event logs, eliminating the risk and complexity of creating your own custom reports. Vertically aligned, graphically illustrative statistics contain details about latency, rows, changes, and transactions, and give customers the ability to see everything at a glance, or drill into individual data flows or table details. Timeframe controls allow customers to see how data configurations have performed historically as well as presently.

Armed with the up-to-date and reliable data provided by Insights, database administrators can determine exactly when and how to finetune the performance of critical data integration paths to deliver the necessary service level agreements to downstream data consumers or business intelligence and analytics applications. With Insights, customers can ensure that real-time delivery is indeed real-time, by identifying choke points, transaction patterns, process latencies and data movement velocity. Insights enables data transfers to be more closely managed, providing the level of control that customers want and that best suits their needs.

Insights will be available as part of the general availability (GA) release 5.5. Visit www.hvr-software.com com for more information. Those interested in seeing Insights at work can sign up for one of HVRs Tuesday live demos.

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