How Well Do You Know Your Competitors? Infiniti Research Reveals Why Competitor Analysis is Vital for Business

A well-known customer intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has announced the completion of their recent free supplement on market opportunity analysis. This downloadable supplement gives a comprehensive overview of what market opportunity analysis is and the key steps involved in the process.

Identifying future business opportunities is an integral element of any business plan. The absence of planning for identifying potential market opportunities can only guarantee short-term success for a business. An effective market opportunity analysis helps companies discover unmet customer needs, identify new target markets, and realize their competitive advantage. It also takes into account the companys financial soundness, available technology, and the financial and competitive readiness to take action.

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Steps involved in market opportunity analysis:

Research customers and competition

Customers and competitors must be analyzed at different levels using market research. This helps the company determine if the demand for a product/service is genuine and the feasibility of expanding into a new market. Customers with common characters such as age, gender, education, and income can be grouped together. Furthermore, knowing who the companys key competitors are and assessing their strengths and weaknesses can also illuminate specific growth strategies.

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Gain a top-level view of the market

In todays dynamic and highly competitive marketplace, assessing the competitors and target competitors are not enough. It is vital for companies to attain a wider understanding of the markets as a whole and determine the potential market success. Doing so gives companies the right insights on the true potential of the market.

Explore adjacent opportunities

Industry experts from Infiniti Research have observed that companies with the most sustained profitable growth are those who use a systematic and disciplined approach to expand the boundaries of their core businesses to adjacent opportunities.

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