Higher education institutions launch #CareersInCharity campaign to celebrate International Day of Charity

London School of Business and Finance, The University of Law Business School, and GISMA Business School published interviews with key figures in charity organisations  

London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), The University of Law Business School, and GISMA Business School have launched a joint campaign to increase awareness around career opportunities in charity organisations.

The International Day of Charity is celebrated annually on 5th September, to raise awareness and provide a common platform for charity related activities all over the world. The higher education institutions supported this year’s initiative with the #CareersInCharity campaign through interviewing senior executives at various organisations.

The interviewees have been working in the non-profit sector for several years, being able to gain vast experience in this field and prove that it can be an incredibly rewarding career destination. Charities participating in the campaign included ABF The Soldier’s Charity, CoppaFeel! And CALM.

The charity sector is often overlooked as a career destination; and so the #CareersInCharity initiative is aimed at showcasing the professional journeys of individuals who achieved key roles in major charities across the UK. Accordingly, the representatives were interviewed about their work, inspiration behind the career choice and necessary skillset while also providing advice for graduates willing to join the charity sector.

Among their biggest motivations, they mentioned spending time making a difference, feeling part of the organisation and creating a positive impact on people’s lives. They also focused on the importance of ensuring one has a passion for what the organisation does and recommended starting with volunteering or fundraising activities.

GISMA Business School, LSBF and The University of Law Business School are part of Global University Systems (GUS), an international network of higher education providers. GUS delivers a wide variety of programmes to over 50,000 students worldwide, championing a passion for accessible quality education.

The interviews were hosted on the institutions’ websites and social media channels on International Day of Charity, 5th September 2018.