HERC Token Listed on LATOKEN


HERC, the software access key token used to power Hercules Supply Chain Protocol, is now listed on LATOKEN. HERCs listing on LATOKEN facilitates and finally brings to reality Hercules SEZCs goal of providing 100% visibility into all operations, processes and transactions through supply chain management on blockchain.

Hercules supply chain software, the first commercially viable, decentralized, and fully open source blockchain-based software, is designed to improve transparency, security, authenticity, and validity of supply chain data. The decentralized protocol leverages Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public blockchains to lower volatility and make the cost of using blockchains more predictable.

Anthem Hayek Blanchard, CEO of Hercules SEZC explains, The Hercules Protocol makes supply chain blockchain software accessible to all with ease of use and pricing certainty for faster and much more cost-effective for onboarding new vendors and partners. Hercules drastically reduces the costs of data storage and protects sensitive data on a secure platform, which makes setting up a wide range of self-executing contracts possible.

Until now, the industry standard for supply chain management didnt offer a near real-time view of transactions to all the parties involved. This significant challenge is now addressed by the Hercules protocol, thus enabling indisputable data to be shared among network participants and updated to provide complete transparency.

Introducing distributed ledgers to supply chains means different parties can simultaneously look at digital and physical products in the supply chain, enabling them to eliminate inefficiencies in reconciliation processes. We believe the Hercules Protocol is going to provide extraordinary cost savings and transparency for all businesses, small to large, Hercules President Cynthia Blanchard explains.

“With HERC, we aim to Help Eradicate Racketeering and Collusion by providing transparency and data integrity in global value chains, according to Hercules CTO, Logan Golema.

HERCs are accessible in BTC, ETH, and USDT on LATOKEN.

For more info, visit the official website: https://herc.one/ Learn about where to store HERC tokens at: https://herc.one/tokeninfo Find out more about the team behind the project here. Read the Hercules Supply Chain Protocol White Paper here and Research paper here. Check out the code: https://github.com/hercone You can ask clarifying questions in the HERC token Telegram community channel.

JR Gunter/Operations Manager, Hercules SEZC
[email protected]