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HelpSystems Announces Clearswift Acquisition to Expand Cybersecurity Portfolio


MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 02, 2019 — HelpSystems announced today that it will acquire Clearswift, a UK-based content threat protection software company. Clearswift’s award-winning deep content inspection capability enables information to be scanned as it enters or leaves the organization, allowing sensitive data to be securely transmitted via email, or other web-based methods. Clearswift technology gives teams the freedom to do their jobs in a secure, collaborative way.

Clearswift’s success is driven by its ability to embed its adaptive data loss prevention technology within its solutions, enhancing security effectiveness, and lowering the risk of business interruption. This comprehensive approach empowers organizations to gain visibility and control of their critical information as it’s processed and shared through digital collaboration channels. Clearswift has experienced growth over the last few years by delivering valuable solutions and strong customer support as directed by its departing CEO Heath Davies.

“The Clearswift solutions, and the talented team that supports them, strengthen HelpSystems’ growing cybersecurity business,” said Kate Bolseth, CEO, HelpSystems. “The addition of the Clearswift solutions to the HelpSystems portfolio will provide customers an expanded set of cybersecurity options that protect critical data and enable compliance with industry mandates such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA and help them stay on top of the shifting cybersecurity environment.”

The content threat protection market is being driven by increasing internal and external threats as well as increased regulations within Critical National Infrastructure verticals like national defense, emergency services, finance, government, healthcare, and utilities. More than 1,700 organizations in more than 70 countries rely on Clearswift to protect critical information.

“Clearswift’s unique product strengths are critical cornerstones of the overall cybersecurity strategies for its customers and are often used together with other cybersecurity solutions,” said Ciaran Rafferty, Managing Director, Clearswift. “We are confident we have found the perfect home for Clearswift and believe HelpSystems will continue to drive the products and business forward.”

About HelpSystems

HelpSystems aligns IT and business goals to help organizations build a competitive edge. Our software secures IT environments, monitors and automates processes, and provides easy access to the information people need. More than 17,000 organizations in 100+ countries rely on HelpSystems to make IT lives easier and keep business running smoothly. Learn more at

About Clearswift

Clearswift is trusted by organizations across the globe for advanced content threat protection and the highest level of defense against breaches through today’s digital communication channels. Clearswift technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution that gives teams the freedom to securely collaborate, whilst providing information security personnel with visibility and control of sensitive information flow. To learn more about Clearswift, visit

Mike Devine Vice President, Marketing +1 952-563-1696 [email protected]

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Sisaran Group Co., Ltd. Honored at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020


SINGAPORE- Media OutReach – 20 October 2020 – A total of 81 projects and business leaders across Asia were selected as recipients of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020 (AREA), which was an increase of 27% from last year. Widely regarded as the gold standard for CSR and sustainability practice, this year’s award ceremony was organized virtually due to the unprecedented global healthcare crisis. A diversity of industries and leading organizations from all over the region received the AREA, demonstrating a continued dedication to responsible business practices despite the pandemic.

Organized by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organization for responsible entrepreneurship in Asia, the AREA aims to recognize and honor Asian businesses and leaders for championing sustainable and socially responsible business practices. The award categories are Social Empowerment, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Green Leadership, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership and Responsible Business Leadership. Through the award ceremony, this unique opportunity has provided over 600 attendees to interconnect and celebrate virtually.

Company Introduction

Sisaran Group is a property development company based on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard promoting green leadership throughout Thailand. Sisaran Group aims to set new standards in green leadership and community development through their award-winning CSR project the “Bang Saray Developent Program (B.D.P)”.

Bang Saray Development Program (B.D.P)


The “Bang Saray Development Program (B.D.P)” launched in 2017 and has continued to expand by engaging the community, local business, NGO’s and government agencies. The main aim of the project is to protect the local ecosystem and environmental resources upon which the local community depends. The project is focused on engaging the local community and other stakeholders in order to deliver environmental change whilst promoting sustainable business development in the area. Furthermore, the project focuses development in the area. Furthermore, the project focuses on educating the local community and other stakeholders in order to have a wider long-term impact. Sisaran Group is also committed to sustainable development with their new “ECO” brand of semi-sustainable developments.


The Clean Up Project


The project conducted surveys of the local area for high pollution zones and potential sites for renovation and improvement. After creating detailed grid zones, reference points and information, the B.D.P engaged the local community leaders, local businesses and government organizations to formulate actionable plans.


One of the main focuses was on monthly “clean up” projects in partnership with other stakeholders to create awareness. The project conducted specific “clean up” of highly polluted areas to improve local resident’s standard of living and engage them in sustainable development initiatives. The Company also focus on educating the local community and visitors through events, signage, printed collaterals, face to face visits and social media. Other areas of focus include engaging schools for education projects based around tree planting and plastic pollution. The project installed recycling bins and anti-pollution signage in the local area and at the project sites to further promote sustainability and reduce pollution


Achievements and Impact


The project has conducted 30 community “clean up” and 15 specific “clean up” projects of high waste areas which has significantly impacted the local community and environment. In addition, the project has planted over 500 trees in the local area in partnership with schools and government organizations. The project has also conducted several “Art for Education” projects within the local community. Currently 10 major renovation projects have been completed. These include the renovation of the local park by cleaning, tree planting and installation of new benches and points of interest. During the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the focus has been aimed in supporting and engaging the local community through the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of “Move Forward Together” and “Buy Local – Support Community”. Sisaran Group also regularly supports a wide range of charity and other local government initiatives. The project has won multiple awards and accreditations for CSR.


Future Direction


Sisaran Group aims to further develop the Bang Saray Development Program alongside a range of other sustainable initiatives to set a new standard for Green Leadership in Thailand. Sisaran plans to continue with their monthly “Clean Up” and “Specific Clean Up” projects, tree planting and environmental education projects.


The next phase of the program will focus on supporting the local community through a range of new initiatives. These include the instillation of tourist information and environmental education points across the area. This will include a local guidebook which reinforces and educates the need for sustainability. They are also working with local artists to produce calendars and environmental street art to support the community. They are also preparing to renovate local landmarks such as the whale shark statue to raise awareness of ocean pollution. The Company also plan to further strengthen staff training to promote sustainability and set a new benchmark for Green Leadership in Thailand.


About Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental organization in pursuit of creating an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development within a world of economic equality. Its two pillars of existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship. Enterprise Asia works with governments, NGOs and other organizations to promote competitiveness and entrepreneurial development, in uplifting the economic status of people across Asia and in ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for the future generation. For further information, visit

About Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards program recognizes and honors Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in the categories of Green Leadership, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Social Empowerment, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership and Responsible Business Leadership. For more information, visit:

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VisIC Technologies raises Series E to support growing EV market


The new financing round will allow the emerging GaN power electronics supplier to deliver high performing GaN products to growing electric transportation industry segment

MediaTek to invest in VisIC’s series E

VisIC’s D3GaN technology developed for electrical vehicles systems will enlarge its offering using the last investment round

NESS ZIONA, Israel, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — VisIC Technologies Ltd., a global leader in gallium nitride (GaN) devices for automotive high-voltage applications, has successfully raised a Series E financing round with participation from  MediaTek, the world’s 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company. This round of financing will help the company to enlarge its portfolio for Electrical Vehicles high power systems.  

"This round of financing will help us to enlarge our portfolio and continue to develop a solid manufacturing foundation for existing products" said Dr. Tamara Baksht,  VisIC CEO. "We are very happy to see MediaTek as part of VisIC investors. As a great innovative fabless company, MediaTek is a constant source of inspiration for us to work harder and to deliver new technological solutions to make meaningful changes in industry and life. We have a lot to learn from MediaTek how to grow innovation and make a difference in the mutual Automotive market", added Dr. Tamara Baksht.

MediaTek, which its dedication to innovation and has positioned itself as a driving market force in several key technology areas, including highly power-efficient mobile technologies, automotive solutions, and a broad range of advanced multimedia products, invested in VisIC and will contribute from its experience to accelerate VisIC’s innovation and sales.

"VisIC has impressive innovation and development around GaN for high power electric vehicles that improves the efficiency and performance, from hybrid up to full electric applications. We believe this technology is key to improve electric vehicle performance and affordability," said Dr. Lawrence Loh,  Senior Vice President of MediaTek.

This press release and further information can be found at

About VisIC Technologies Ltd.

VisIC Technologies is a world leader in GaN electronics for xEV applications, focused on high-power automotive solutions. Its efficient and scalable products are based on deep technological knowledge of gallium-nitride and decades of experience. VisIC is committed to providing a step function improvement in terms of size and cost of energy conversion systems and is dedicated to high-quality customer support at all development phases. VisIC offers high power transistor products based upon compound semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) material aiming to provide products for cost-effective and high-performance automotive inverter systems.

About MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Incorporated (TWSE: 2454) is a global fabless semiconductor company that enables 1.5 billion connected devices a year. We are a market leader in developing innovative systems-on-chip (SoC) for a mobile device, home entertainment, connectivity, and IoT products. Our dedication to innovation has positioned us as a driving market force in several key technology areas, including highly power-efficient mobile technologies, automotive solutions, and a broad range of advanced multimedia products such as smartphones, tablets, digital televisions, 5G, Voice Assistant Devices (VAD) and wearables. MediaTek empowers and inspires people to expand their horizons and achieve their goals through smart technology, more easily and efficiently than ever before. We work with the brands you love to make great technology accessible to everyone, and it drives everything we do. Visit for more information.


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FICO Survey: Complexity and Cost of Validating Digital Banking Customers Top Pain Points for Lenders in the Philippines


50 percent of Philippine banks say processes are still too manual

MANILA, Phillippines, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —


  • The FICO Identity in Digital Banking Survey examines how banks in the Philippines are approaching the validation of a customer’s identity during origination
  • 50 percent of Philippine banks said the high level of manual handling was the key challenge when validating a customer’s identity
  • Forcing Filipino consumers to leave their chosen channel will lose a bank business.
  • Authentication strategies at Philippine banks are driven more by security than by regulation

FICO, a global analytics software firm, has released its Identity in Digital Banking Survey, which found that the complexity and cost of validating the identity of digital banking customers are the top pain points for banks in the Philippines.

Almost 50 percent of respondents surveyed nominated the ‘high level of manual processes to validate customer identities’ as their top challenge along with ‘consistent collection of supporting data/documents’ and the ‘need for physical validation of identity’. The ‘time taken to verify identity’ and the ‘cost of third-party verification services’ were nominated by more than 40 percent of respondents.

More information:

"Identity challenges are intensifying with digital banking," said Subhashish Bose, FICO’s lead for fraud, security and compliance in Asia Pacific. "You can see from the survey that many Philippine banks still have issues with manual processing that slows down the process, introducing friction into digital applications," said Bose. "Indeed, a third of banks still force customers to go to a branch to open a personal bank account. However, lenders will need to shift toward identity verification that is seamlessly integrated into the digital application process and can be rapidly confirmed or risk losing business."

FICO’s previous consumer study found that a large percentage of Filipinos (45 to 67 percent, depending on the action required) said they should be able to complete all aspects of account opening online or on their phone. In fact, if all actions required to complete an account opening could not be accomplished in-session, only 41 percent of Filipino consumers said they would carry out the necessary offline actions as soon as possible. A further 13 percent said they would try a competitor while 5 percent said they would give up completely.

"Filipinos are comparing their banking experience not just to other lenders but to other digital businesses," said Bose. "The notion that banks can afford to ignore delivering the kind of instant gratification delivered by companies like Uber, Netflix, and Amazon just because they are selling financial products will disappear this decade."

Concerns about Authentication

Authentication strategies at Philippine banks are driven more by security than by regulation; concern over the sophistication (50 percent) or volume (29 percent) of attempts to breach access controls is much higher than in the other seven countries surveyed, where, on average, concern levels for sophistication are 43 percent, and volume 30 percent.

This can partly be explained by fewer and less onerous guidelines or legislation around authentication such as those in the US, Canada, and Europe. However, if criminals are successful it will be only a short time before Filipino regulators impose more rules around authentication.

"Another issue here is that many banks in the Philippines are not making separate fraud and authentication decisions," said Bose. "They are less concerned with user experience and therefore will ask a customer to authenticate again for a particular action which they consider high risk, even if they have already been identified in the same session."

Technology challenges are also impacting the ability of Philippine banks to authenticate customers. The survey revealed that banks feel the time taken for systems change is a problem (45 percent), as well as inflexibility around identity approaches (45 percent). This may be due to rapid innovations in authentication and the number of technologies deployed (biometric authentication, for example, is deployed in 93 percent of respondents).

"Philippine banks are often torn between the deployment of multiple point solutions that require integration and broader platforms that span authentication but don’t play well with third-party systems," said Bose. "New-breed platforms that allow innovation with AI and integrate more widely are now seen as the next step. A strategic consolidation is needed, and banks will have to determine which technologies are proving effective both internally and with customers to gain an edge over their competition." 

The survey showed that adoption of this strategic approach is already underway. While only 7 percent of banks say they currently have a common identity management platform or orchestration layer, 78 percent of banks say that they have ambitions to make the move within the next three years

FICO’s Identity in Digital Banking Survey was produced by Omdia via an online study with 172 banks in May 2020. Executives who had direct involvement in their institution’s approach to identity and authentication for digital banking channels were surveyed. The countries surveyed were: Canada, Colombia, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, UK and the USA. 14 Philippine and 15 Malaysian bank respondents with a minimum of 500k customers were surveyed, and more than one-third of respondents had over 10 million customers.

About FICO
FICO (NYSE: FICO) powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956 and based in Silicon Valley, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 195 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and growth for businesses in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, health care, retail and many other industries. Using FICO solutions, businesses in more than 100 countries do everything from protecting 2.6 billion payment cards from fraud, to helping people get credit, to ensuring that millions of airplanes and rental cars are in the right place at the right time.

Join the conversation on Twitter at @FICOnews_APAC.

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the US and other countries     

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