HealthPrize Launches Drive™, a New Product to Simplify and Optimize Development of Adherence Programs for Pharmaceutical Brands

HealthPrize Technologies, the leading cloud-based patient experience and adherence platform for life science companies, today announced the launch of Drive, a new product to streamline the development and management of return on investment (ROI)-driven patient adherence programs for medications to treat chronic disease. Based on hundreds of millions of patient interactions in programs built for pharmaceutical brands across a broad range of drugs, diseases, demographics and delivery methods, Drive applies HealthPrizes proven approach of gamification, behavioral economics and loyalty marketing to improve patient adherence to their prescribed medications.

HealthPrize has developed unique expertise in changing patient behavior at scale through the patient engagement, education and adherence programs we have developed for our pharmaceutical clients, said Tom Kottler, CEO and co-founder of HealthPrize. Drive, the result of our years of experience, simplifies and optimizes the pharmaceutical industrys development of adherence programs targeted at improving patient outcomes, reducing total cost of care and generating new revenue.

Drive enables pharmaceutical marketers to easily and effectively build a branded or unbranded adherence program configured to their medications unique requirements, patient challenges and business needs in just a few months. Based on technology proven to improve adherence by an average of 52% over a brands baseline rate, programs built using Drive are configured to deliver significant ROI for pharmaceutical brands in both primary and specialty diseases.

Drive is a combination of tactics and product features that have evolved from studying and responding to the behaviors of the more than one million patients who have engaged with the HealthPrize platform, said John Ragland, chief product officer, HealthPrize. This product brings together these established components to develop patient experiences proven to lift adherence and deliver measurable new revenue for our clients brands.

Advanced capabilities in programs built with Drive include:

  • Personalized content journey and actionable behavioral triggers configured to the products dosing schedule, patient challenges and business goals
  • Robust messaging segmentation based on patient attributes such as therapy experience level, insurance type or demographics
  • Interactive program performance dashboards, enhanced data capture and analysis capabilities
  • Full integration with co-pay savings card and other third-party data suppliers
  • Self-service targeted survey capabilities to gather deep patient insights

Drive is available in three tiers to provide pricing and service option flexibility for pharmaceutical brands of all sizes, from specialty medications for rare diseases to medications for broad-reaching primary care conditions. The product can support multiple brands and languages, and is fully HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.

  • Drive Essentials: Streamlined adherence programs for pharmaceutical brands
  • Drive Complete: Robust adherence programs for single or multiple brands and languages, deployable across the enterprise, across the globe
  • Drive Insights: Powerful tools to create qualitative patient datasets and unlock deep patient insights

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HealthPrize Technologies enables pharmaceutical marketers to develop powerful branded and unbranded adherence programs that engage, educate and motivate patients to start and stay on their medications. Our platform powers and advances adherence across all drugs, diseases, demographics and delivery methods. Learn more at or on Twitter at @HealthPrize.

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