Healthcare Innovator Attacks Social Isolation and Loneliness with Rapidly Expanding Network of Clubs

Element3 Health today announced that two leading national associations — American Sewing Guild (ASG) and American Volkssport Association (AVA) — have adopted its GroupWorks platform for their organizations. The associations will use GroupWorks as the technology foundation for engaging with thousands of members in hundreds of clubs across the country. GroupWorks is now the primary medium of communication for 90 ASG chapters, with plans to integrate 30 additional chapters, and all 225 AVA clubs nationally. The AVA is Americas largest walking club, and GroupWorks will enhance the organizations ability to manage thousands of walks each year.

When we heard the GroupWorks story, the synergy and alignment with our mission was immediately clear, said Henry Rosales, executive director of the American Volkssport Association. Together, our aim is to promote health and wellness by combining physical activity with meaningful engagement by club participants. We see GroupWorks as an excellent solution for improving communication, connection and growing our membership base.

The American Sewing Guild is increasing its longstanding collaboration with GroupWorks by using the platform to grow the association. After successfully integrating the platform into its chapters over the past few years, American Sewing Guild is now using GroupWorks as part of its outreach to potential clubs and integrating the platform as part of the onboarding process.

We firmly believe our two organizations can grow together, said Margo Martin, executive director of the American Sewing Guild. GroupWorks makes group communication and administrative duties easy for chapters and will help optimize our members sewing experiences to create deeper engagement and increased satisfaction.

With hundreds of groups throughout the country, both the ASG and the AVA are aligned with our mission to engage seniors around their passions and increase their physical, social and mental activity, said Spencer Morgan, Element3 Health Founder and Chief Community Officer. It’s through collaborations likes these that we will succeed in positively impacting millions of lives.”

GroupWorks is actively working with both organizations to educate and train members on the platforms features and benefits. Informational club and member seminars will be conducted at the American Volkssport Associations annual convention in Albany, NY, as will continued participation at American Sewing Guild conventions.

About Element3 Health

Element3 Health is a network that engages 50-plus adults around their passions to increase their physical, social and mental activity for healthy aging. The company combines the three most powerful elements of health into one cohesive solution in order to tackle the $75 billion of unnecessary healthcare spending associated with social, mental and physical decline among seniors. The companys GroupWorks engagement platform is growing quickly, adding millions of members and tens of thousands of groups across more than 120 passions. Using an activity scoring engine, Element3 Health can calculate individual ActivityBenefitTM scores and use their proprietary GroupMatchTM matching engine to to help optimize members health across social, mental and physical metrics.

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