Gunnebo SafeRecycling TCR7 Certified by Add-On Technologies

Gunnebo US, a sales company of The Gunnebo Group and leading provider of cash management solutions that improve business efficiency, increase security and boost cash flow today announced the certification of the SafeRecycling TCR7 teller cash recycler with Add-On Technologies DynaCash, one of the leading cash-handling middleware systems in the U.S. The newly added Windows teller system connections will help financial institutions power growth with Gunnebos cutting-edge cash automation technology.

The DynaCash software seamlessly integrates TCR7 operations into the normal workflow of almost any financial application, without having to modify existing core platforms. Through the Windows-based software connections, tellers can take full advantage of the advanced cash recycling intelligence, reliability and high-performing cash automation capabilities only the TCR7 has to offer. The technology empowers banks and credit unions to improve services by automating cash-handling processes, boosting teller productivity and enhancing the overall customer or member in-branch experience.

One of Gunnebos primary objectives is to help all financial institutions, big and small, achieve service excellence through making the whole cash-handling process more efficient, said Michael Falk, Regional Manager of Cash Management at Gunnebo. With this integration, we have combined best-of-breed technologies that make it easier, faster and less expensive for banks and credit unions to drive profitable, efficient operations while also increasing customer engagement.

Key TCR7 features helping to improve workflow efficiencies, staff productivity and the customer experience include:

  • Cassette-based intelligent system “ Tellers can automatically count, validate and store notes in a UL-291 certified safe, eliminating manual counting, dual entry and cash drawer limits.
  • Automated cash depositing and dispensing “ Tellers and branch managers can eliminate frequent trips to the main vault, reducing customer wait times and freeing up staff to handle more complex customer needs.
  • Large capacity “ Tellers can process up to 3,400 notes per cassette and 2,250 notes per split cassette for up to eight recycled denominations, and store and recycle up to 17,000 notes, reducing cash inventory levels across branch operations.
  • Shorter bill path “ A shorter bill path increases reliability and system uptime.
  • Modular design “ The units modular design provides greater dependability and ease of service.

We are very excited about the success of the TCR7 integration and the value it will deliver to financial institutions, said Paul Griffin, Sales Executive for DynaCash at Add-On Technologies. In addition to harnessing the TCR7s advanced functionality, the flexible interface will help banks and credit unions save significant programming time and costs often associated with core integrations. Tellers can be up and running in less than a day, and updates can be made just as quickly and easily as new financial applications are adopted to meet changing business needs.

The TCR7 is sold and serviced through a network of Hamilton Security Channel Partners nationwide.

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