Green Leaf, Inc. Celebrating 40 Years Of Manufacturing


Green Leaf, Incorporated, the parent company of TerreMax and Workhorse Sprayers, is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing liquid handling products for the agricultural industry.

Green Leaf was established in 1979 and began manufacturing rope wick applicators and spraying equipment, followed by nylon and poly fittings, and check valves. The company quickly increased its production through the years to include cam lever couplers, bolted ball valves, true union valves, and PSE (precision spray equipment). The most notable accomplishments during the past 40 years include:

  • Initial production of the String Wing wick applicator to the agricultural industry
  • Patented production of Gator Locks a form of camlock that features a locking mechanism that enhances safety and reduces the potential loss of chemicals
  • Becoming the North American Distributor for Lechler Ag products
  • Introducing Workhorse Sprayers to be distributed through retail and distribution networks
  • Establishing that 90% of Green Leaf’s products would be made in the USA
  • And, recently launching TerreMax to begin serving the North American Commercial Agricultural market with over 200 newly developed products

We started as a manufacturer, but have evolved as a company having a complete engineering department in-house that allows us to make innovation a standard feature in our products. From using heavier O-rings in our ball valves, which creates a more positive seal and reduces leakage, to our safety camlocks that have an improved patented locking mechanism, were committed to developing products the Commercial Ag industry can count on, stated Pete Goda, President. With over 100 employees, we provide product assurance and superior customer service that distributors can depend on, right here in the heartland of America.

Green Leafs Indiana campus features a range of injection molding machines, CNC mills, CNC lathes and press sizes from 40 to 500 tons to quickly ramp up production and meet the needs of distributors.

Green Leaf is an ISO9001 Certified company, which has been family owned for over 40 years. Because of our deep inventory levels and distribution network of over 100 partners in the United States and Canada, our distributors will receive the benefits of competitive pricing and responsive service, noted Teko Goda, Vice President sales and marketing.

Green Leaf is dedicated to building the best products that also build trust with distributors and the Commercial Ag market. All of Green Leafs, TerreMaxs, and Workhorse’s products can be viewed online at, and

About Green Leaf, Incorporated

Green Leaf, Incorporated began manufacturing products for the agricultural industry in 1979 and has grown to specialize in designing and manufacturing injection molded nylon and polypropylene liquid handling products. Keeping pace with technology, Green Leaf utilizes fully automated robotics in its manufacturing and the latest equipment in product marking and special packaging. Green Leaf products are available through various distribution networks and retail outlets.

Through its complete line of liquid handling products, which includes valves, cam lever couplings, fittings and sprayer components, Green Leaf continually strives to meet the current needs of customers, while anticipating their future needs. More about Green Leaf can be found at

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