Graebel Companies, Inc. Launches Mobility PathBuilder Program

Graebel Companies, Inc., a leading provider of talent and workplace mobility solutions for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, today launched its Graebel Mobility PathBuilderSM program aimed at helping companies define a mobility strategy, quantify mobilitys value through data, and gain enterprise-wide alignment and support.

Graebel consultants facilitate work sessions and guide mobility professionals through the programs step-by-step roadmap, which is based on field-tested concepts and proven results developed over the past 12 months working with companies around the world.

Were pleased to offer mobility professionals the support and tools to help them become more strategic leaders and leverage the untapped power of mobility for their companies and employees, says Tim OShea, vice president, mobility strategy and consulting at Graebel. Mobility has long been seen as a tactical investment of moving employees from point A to point B with the least amount of disruption. Through Graebel Mobility PathBuilder, mobility professionals can create a business advantage, strengthen their overall organization and claim a seat at the strategic table.

Graebel research revealed underlying business needs for the Graebel Mobility PathBuilder program. It found todays mobility professionals spend 82 percent of their time on coordination and administration, with little time left for high-value strategic functions. However, their future vision for mobility is to spend 96 percent of their time on proactive activities like setting goals, measuring return on investment and enhancing relationships.

The mobility function is one of the most potentially powerful drivers of business today, yet its often underrepresented or overlooked within companies, OShea says. Mobility practitioners have a strong pent-up demand for precisely the answers the Graebel Mobility PathBuilder provides in order to revolutionize their programs and make a bigger business impact.

HR and mobility leaders can learn more in this comprehensive Mobility PathBuilder Guidebook:

It outlines these three steps in the Mobility PathBuilder program “ each of which build upon and complement each other:

  • Mobility Strategy: A Graebel survey found 42 percent of mobility teams dont have a defined mission statement to guide their program and capture mobilitys purpose within the overall company. Thats why this step involves creating a Mobility Mission Statement tied to overall business goals and aligned with other departments. In only a single afternoon session alongside a Graebel mobility expert, companies can identify strengths and vulnerabilities “ and set a path to develop the strategy and tactics to achieve their mission.
  • Return on Mobility: Currently, 43 percent of mobility professionals polled by Graebel say their companies measure return on investment by volume, the number of relocations conducted, meaning theyre missing key insights that tell the larger mobility story. To better articulate business impact, the Graebel Mobility PathBuilder program helps companies determine their Return on Mobility (ROM). ROM is supported by data and includes benchmarking beyond just revenue, such as employee performance and retention, increased sales/profit and relocation quality and volume. ROM can be used to address different stakeholders questions about the value and impact of mobility.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Graebel found 51 percent of mobility professionals find it difficult to get stakeholder attention. Yet engaging the right stakeholders “ including management, chief human resource officers and compensation/benefits managers “ creates important ambassadors who can help influence program outcomes. This step develops an action plan that identifies, educates, excites and activates stakeholders in mobilitys mission with win-win scenarios.

In addition to the Guidebook, more information on the program is available via the Graebel Mobility PathBuilder digital brochure, where HR and mobility professionals can be connected with a Graebel expert by clicking on the ˜Start your Journey Today button.

About Graebel

Graebel Companies, Inc. is a leading provider of global talent and workplace mobility solutions for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms and their employees in 165 countries. Since its founding in 1950, Graebel has evolved, innovated and grown to deliver excellent service and results for clients, all while remaining family-owned and focused on its duty of care. Graebel develops and implements mobility strategies that help companies attract and retain talent; respond faster to global market trends; and maximize return on mobility programs. The company addresses every part of the mobility lifecycle for employers and employees, including services for departure and move management, destination, settling-in and ongoing assignments. For more information, visit Heres to the world ahead.

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