Governor’s Paid Family Leave Task Force Convenes With First 5 California Appointment

Today, Governor Gavin Newsom convened a Paid Family Leave Task Force for their first in a series of meetings. The Task Force is intended to design a policy and funding roadmap to achieving the Governors vision for providing all California newborns with six months of bonding time with their parents. Erin Gabel, Deputy Director of External and Governmental Affairs for First 5 California, was appointed to the newly-established Paid Family Leave Task Force.

I want to thank the Governor for his commitment in creating a California for all vision that starts with our children, said Ms. Gabel. Paid Family Leave, during those crucial first months of a babys life, is a developmental necessity.

Governor Newsom has appointed a diverse group of representatives from across the state, including members of the business, legal, policy, science, and early learning communities, to put their collective expertise together and design real options to meet the family leave needs of newborns, employers, employees, and their families. The Governors goal is to leverage Paid Family Leave to reap greater lifetime benefits for all.

The Task Force will examine Californias nation-leading Paid Family Leave Program and develop options to increase leave access, provide better job protections, and to expand the length of coverage for Californias workers. Studies have shown that paid family leave allows parents and caregivers to bond with their newborns, and set our littlest community members on a course for better health and greater success in life.

Having a Governor who understands the brain science and how Paid Family Leave plays a role in allowing parents the precious time to Talk. Read. Sing. with their babies, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, said Ms. Gabel. Children and families thriving will help lift all of Californians.

The Task Force is due to provide its recommendations to the Governor by the end of 2019.

About First 5 California

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Erin Gabel