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Give Gift Boutique Predicts A Sales Boom of Preserved Flowers on Valentine’s Day Due to The Growing Demand of Floral Gifts During COVID-19


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 13 January 2021 – The coronavirus pandemic has taken a sharp toll on stores, and online buying has become a living habit of citizens. On the market change caused by the global pandemic, Give Gift Boutique, the leading online flower shop in Hong Kong, caught up with the sales boom, and increased sales by 20% last year. As we review the most popular Valentine’s Day flower in 2020, we found that rose bouquets were still the most widely chosen. In the meanwhile, the orders of preserved flowers are growing, making them one of the most popular gifts in 2020.

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The Gift-giving Fever During The Epidemic

With the unpredictable year it has been, citizens adapt to physical distancing measures and avoid gatherings. But the popularity of gift-giving rose unexpectedly, especially on festive days. John Wong, the founder and CEO of Give Gift Boutique, said that as people cannot visit loved ones in person, they are sending gifts to show their caring.


John Wong added: “We have held some charity events from time to time for the people in need, and we achieved great repercussions by the people with gratitude. What’s more, we are supported by the public and some welfare organizations. From another perspective, Hong Kong people have the eagerness to get warm greetings during the social isolation period caused by the cruel virus.”

An Alternative Choice For The Day Of Lovers

Due to the superiority of quality, colors, and long shelf-life, the demand for imported flowers has been increasing in recent decades, and imported fresh flowers have been widely used for festivals, anniversaries, and other occasions. However, the global pandemic caused an impact on the market of imported flowers, leading to unstable supply chains and fluctuating prices. Thus, if you want to purchase imported flowers this Valentine’s Day, you have to reserve a higher budget than in previous years.


Compared with imported flowers, the supply chains and price of preserved flowers are more stable. Since they are made of real flowers, they have a texture close to that of fresh flowers. What’s more, they have a long shelf-life, which makes them endurable for long-term transportation. In recent years, preserved flowers have become more familiar to people, and are frequently exposed on social media by Internet celebrities, which shows that the cost-effectiveness of preserved flowers makes them widely recognized by consumers. There are various styles of immortal flower products on the market, not only bouquets, but also products in the form of gift baskets, decorations, lighting, etc., which becomes more common on various occasions.


John Wong said, that in recent years, during the Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other festivals, the popularity of preserved flowers is comparable to imported flowers. More and more customers choose mid-end and high-end products, as well as some ingenious designs and functional preserved flower products.

The Approaching Buying Spree Of Pre-holiday Preserved Flower Ordering

From our experience, 70% of consumers will send Valentine’s Day gifts to offices in advance, while only 30% of consumers will send gifts straight to home. However, Valentine’s Day this year happens to meet on the third day of the lunar new year, and almost all companies will rest on this day. If you want to give your loved one a surprise, you have to order gifts earlier. What’s more, some flower stores will be closed from the first to the third day of the lunar new year. Take Give Gift Boutique, for example, considering the annual vacations of most companies, and the workers’ eagerness to enjoy Spring Festival, their flower stores will be closed on February 12-14 this year.


Furthermore, the third day of the Lunar New Year is called “Chikou”, known to be a day that people will quarrel with one another if going out. On this day, Hong Kong people will stay at home and hope all is well, so we expect people to send gifts before this special day. For lovers in a long-distance relationship, they will place an order in advance to send flowers with a long shelf life, to prevent their gift-giving plans from failing, and to make their loved ones enjoy beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day. Thus, in addition to imported flowers, preserved flowers ordered online will become another mainstream selection for Valentine’s Day gifts this year.


In this situation, the sales of preserved flowers before Valentine’s Day may increase significantly. John Wong said that they are facing challenges, but to ensure ample supply during the special days, Give Gift Boutique has made preparations a few months beforehand, and they are sure to provide sufficient high-quality gifts to customers.

About Give Gift Boutique

Give Gift Boutique is the leading online flower shop in Hong Kong. It is managed by senior florist designers in the Netherlands and Toronto. It operates in the boutique workshop model and serves corporate and individual customers throughout the year. Since its opening in 2008, it has been committed to providing customers with high-quality flower bouquets, holiday hampers, birthday gifts, etc.


Asia-Pacific Countries Dominate Agility Emerging Markets Logistic Index


China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia among leaders in global logistics ranking


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 10 February
2021 – Asia-Pacific
nations lead all emerging market regions with China, India and Indonesia being
the world’s top emerging markets in the 12th annual Agility Emerging
Markets Logistics Index, a broad gauge of competitiveness based on logistics
strength and business fundamentals.

The Index
ranks 50 countries by factors that make them attractive to logistics providers,
freight forwarders, shipping lines, air cargo carriers and distributors. Among
ASEAN countries, Vietnam climbs three spots to No. 8 overall. Indonesia (3),
Malaysia (5), Thailand (11) are strong; the Philippines rises one spot to No.

China and
Vietnam were virtually alone in the world in 2020, posting positive GDP growth
for the year after being hit early by economic fallout from the COVID-19

Early 2020
supply disruptions in China prompted some to question whether it would
experience an exodus of manufacturing by multi-nationals seeking to diversify
sourcing and production. But the 1,200 logistics industry executives surveyed
for Agility’s Index indicate little desire to uproot from China or other
markets, preferring by a two-to-one margin to protect their supply chains by
accelerating adoption of digital tools and technology (41.3%) as opposed to
pursuing multi-shoring, near-shoring or reshoring strategies (21.9%).

Of those
who would consider moving out of China, more respondents chose Vietnam as a
preferred production hub than any other country (19.6%). Other Asian markets —
India (17.4%), Indonesia (12.4%), Thailand (10.3%) and Malaysia — are the next
leading choices. Only 7.8% of industry executives say relocating production
from China would mean reshoring to their home countries.

is the region that more respondents believe will recover from the global
pandemic by the end of 2021. Of those surveyed, 55.9% predict an Asia-Pacific
economic recovery in 2021; 53.1% believe Europe will rebound.

“Asia Pacific experienced great turmoil in the
beginning of 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis, but it has rebounded strongly,
led by the powerful performance of China and Vietnam. The region is on track
for a full recovery this year,” says Andy Vargoczky, SVP of Sales &
Marketing Asia-Pacific, Agility GIL. “India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and
Vietnam continue to improve their supply chain infrastructure and capabilities,
showing why they are leaders in domestic and international logistics.”


Across 50 countries, China, India and Indonesia
rank highest in the Index for domestic logistics. China, India and Mexico are
on top for international logistics with Vietnam 4th, Indonesia 5th,
and Malaysia 7th. UAE, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have the best
business fundamentals.

Transport Intelligence (Ti), a leading analysis
and research firm for the logistics industry, compiled the Index.

John Manners-Bell, Chief
Executive of Ti, says: “The strength of the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics
Index has always been to differentiate between those emerging markets which
demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity and those which are more
fragile. This year is no exception. Although some — especially China and
Vietnam — have been able to rebalance around domestic industrial and consumer
demand, the majority are still highly dependent on international markets and
investment. As the COVID crisis finally unwinds over the next two years, those
most resilient will bounce back the fastest. Inevitably, those which have
failed to embrace market, trade, governmental and social reforms will be
hardest hit by the fallout from the pandemic.”


2021 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index:


Infographic | Video

About Agility

Agility is a global logistics company with $5.2 billion in annual revenue and 23,000+ employees in more than 100 countries. It is one of the world’s top freight forwarding and contract logistics providers, and a leader and investor in technology to enhance supply chain efficiency. Agility is a pioneer in emerging markets and one of the largest private owners and developers of warehousing and light industrial parks in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Agility’s subsidiary companies offer fuel logistics, airport services, commercial real estate and facilities management, customs digitization, and remote infrastructure services.

About Transport Intelligence (Ti)

Ti is one of the world’s leading providers of expert research and analysis dedicated to the global logistics industry. Utilizing the expertise of professionals with many years of experience in the express, road freight and logistics industries, Transport Intelligence has developed a range of market-leading web-based products, reports, profiles and services used by many of the world’s leading logistics suppliers, consultancies, banks and users of logistics services.

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Security Operations Teams Get Relief from Alert Overload with the Trend Micro Vision One Platform


New threat defense platform provides centralized risk visibility and prioritizes alerts for faster detection and response


SAR – Media OutReach – 10
February 2021 – Trend Micro
(TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity, combats
security alert overload and resource constraints with an extensible platform
that provides visibility and response from a single console. The new platform, Trend Micro Vision
, has extended detection and response (XDR)
at its core and raises the bar with new capabilities to help security teams to see more and respond

Organizations are struggling with siloed tools,
disjointed alerts and stealthy, sophisticated threats, whether they have a
Security Operations Center (SOCs) or are relying on stretched IT security teams
for SOC functions. Trend Micro has helped hundreds of organizations identify
and reduce cyber risk by correlating alerts across the entire IT environment,
with the industry-first XDR solution launched in 2019.
  Now, with Vision One, Trend Micro is solving
more complex security challenges with enhanced XDR, new risk visibility, new
third-party integrations, and simplified response to threats across security

“Our team had
previously been simply overwhelmed with threat alerts they couldn’t prioritize,
hitting productivity and exposing our organization to extra cyber risk,” said
Aaron Cunningham, Vice President of IT, Glazer’s Beer and Beverage. “We can
count on Trend Micro to provide more context and less noise so they can react
faster to the threats that matter. Their integration with our third-party SIEM
provider means we can also drive value from existing investments.”

With Trend Micro Vision One, organizations can maximize
efficiency by making less sophisticated security resources operate at a more
expert level. The new platform allows them to faster dissect security
incidents, identify critical threat patterns and complex attacks and understand
their overall security posture and trends, so organizations can proactively
identify and assess potential security risks.

According to
Gartner, Innovation Insight for Extended
Detection and
Response, March
2020, “Two of the biggest challenges for all security organizations are hiring
and retaining technically savvy security operations staff, and building a
security operations capability that can confidently configure and maintain a
defensive posture as well as provide a rapid detection and response capacity.
Mainstream organizations are often overwhelmed by the intersectionality of
these two problems.”

The holistic threat defense platform is true to its name,

  • Visibility
    and threat intelligence: Cross-layer detection models, along with security risk
    visibility supported by Trend Micro Research insights, enable enterprises to
    see complex attacks and particular points of security risk that siloed
    solutions miss. In preview, are new insights into SaaS application usage, their
    risk levels and trends over time.
  • Purpose-built
    sensors: Native integrations with Trend Micro security stack across critical
    security layers.
  • Fit
    with existing infrastructure: Out-of-the-box, API integrations with existing
    third-party solutions already in use to compliment workflows.
  • Simplified
    management: Ability to adjust security policies and drive response actions
    across security layers from a single console instead of swivel chair management.


upon three decades of innovation, Trend Micro was at the forefront of the
fast-growing XDR space. But as XDR solutions flood the market, we are going
further and offering more,” said Trend Micro COO, Kevin Simzer. “Our Trend
Micro Vision One platform helps make good security teams great by easily
identifying critical needs and enabling quick actions. This threat defense
platform will continue to evolve in response to the changing threat landscape,
and the infrastructure of our customers.”

In addition to the layered security from Trend Micro,
customers can easily connect this new platform into other security technologies
such as third-party endpoint protection platforms and SIEM and SOARs, including
new integrations with Fortinet, 
Microsoft Sentinel and Splunk just to name a few.
Early adopting customers are ready to act on the developing opportunity to
integrate beyond SIEM and SOAR, with solutions like firewalls, ticketing
solutions, identity and access management.

This new
from IDC resulted from a briefing prior to launch and goes into
further detail on the new Trend Micro platform. To find out more about Trend
Micro Vision One, please visit

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Leveraging over 30 years of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro enables resilience for businesses, governments, and consumers with connected solutions across cloud workloads, endpoints, email, IIoT, and networks. Our XGen™ security strategy powers our solutions with a cross-generational blend of threat-defense techniques that are optimized for key environments and leverage shared threat intelligence for better, faster protection. With over 6,700 employees in 65 countries, and the world’s most advanced global threat research and intelligence, Trend Micro enables organizations to secure their connected world.

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US EB-5 program’s independent route for Hongkongers – New Biden administration makes immigration reform its top priority


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 10 February 2021 – During the first week of his
presidency, President Biden has executed six immigration-related executive
orders, including rescinding the Muslim ban, restoring the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and halting construction of a U.S.-Mexico
border wall. This marks a return to policy where immigrants are welcomed and
valued for their contributions to the economy and society.

Even though the Biden administration’s
proposed immigration reform bill, The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, doesn’t
mention EB-5 specifically, the program and EB-5 investors do stand to benefit from some of the measures in the
proposed bill, which favor economic growth and employment-based visa categories
including EB-5. These measures aim to clear employment-based visa backlogs, recapture
unused visas, and reduce lengthy wait/processing times.

Over the past 20 years, the EB-5 program has been a very popular pathway among
Chinese communities to obtain green cards by investing in the U.S. The
popularity has created a more than 10-year wait time for mainland-born investors.
 Hongkongers, on the other hand, still
enjoy a separate immigration line from the mainland investor without the long
wait, making EB-5 an attractive option.  

With a minimum investment of US$900,000, the
EB-5 program appeals to high net-worth individuals aiming to obtain permanent
resident status in the U.S. While the Trump administration cracked down on
immigration, experts anticipate positive impact on the program with the new Biden
administration in charge and President Biden has already pledged to undo many
of Trump’s anti-immigration policies.


The EB-5 visa
program grants investors the opportunity to live and work anywhere in the U.S.
and allows investors to return to their country of origin for personal or business
purposes if they maintain U.S. residency. For families looking to educate their
children in the U.S., there are even admission advantages and reduced tuition
costs available. “CanAm has always applied the investor-first mindset when managing
our investors’ immigration and investment capital,” said Mr. Tom Rosenfeld, President
and CEO of CanAm Enterprises. “We look forward to seeing the Biden
administration bringing more positive changes to the program, and CanAm will
continue to provide qualifying projects and top-notch services to our investors


has 30 years of experience exclusively promoting and administering
immigration-linked investment funds with a proven track record in assisting investors
achieve their immigration and investment goals. Having raised more than US
$3 billion of EB-5 capital for 60 projects, CanAm leads the EB-5 industry
in capital repaid to investors. As of December 2020, more than $1.75
billion in EB-5 capital from 45 completed CanAm projects has been successfully repaid
to 3,500 investors — representing their full loan amounts. Over 2,300 investor
families have already achieved their permanent resident status in the
U.S. through CanAm’s EB-5 projects with 7,200+ permanent green card issued
to CanAm’s Investors and their families. 


CanAm believes that trust is
born out of transparency and provides a fully audited immigration and
investment track record to our partners and investors. It is one of the first EB-5
Regional Centers to establish its own FINRA-registered
Broker-Dealer to ensure full regulatory compliance. A third-party
escrow bank is also set up for each investment project to safeguard the
investment funds. Headquartered
in Manhattan, New York, CanAm has local representatives in Beijing, Shanghai,
New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. 


“Despite the turmoil in the
previous years, the U.S. remains one of the top migration destinations for
Hongkongers. Key appealing factors are the comparable salary packages, living
standard and quality of education. Yet it is crucial to choose a credible
Regional Center with sound repayment track record to partner with, and it is
exactly why we choose to represent CanAm for our local clients,” said Belinda
Chan, Managing Partner of CCGi, local partner of Global Migration Solutions and
CanAm Enterprises in Hong Kong.


helps Hongkongers achieve their path to citizenship by offering a “full
service” support and management role in going through EB-5’s six step process,
with the track record, financial infrastructure and legal expertise to offer full
regulatory compliance and investment security. CanAm is uniquely positioned as
a bridge between qualifying projects and accredited investors, and with a
responsibility to both, investors trust that CanAm is also invested in the
success of every investment. The process will take
approximately 24 months for a conditional Green Card, and another 21 to 45
months for a permanent green card.


Upcoming FREE webinar on latest EB-5 program updates:

February 2021 (Friday)


        Live on Zoom

To register, please sign up with this link:

About CanAm Enterprises

With three decades of experience promoting immigration-linked investments in the United States and Canada, CanAm has a long and established track record. Basing its business on a reputation of credibility and trust, CanAm has financed 60 projects and raised nearly $3 billion in EB-5 investments. More than $1.4 billion in EB-5 capital from over 2,800 families has been repaid by CanAm’s 42 projects to date. CanAm exclusively operates seven USCIS-designated regional centers that are in the city of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the metropolitan regions of New York & New Jersey, the states of California, Hawaii, Florida, and Texas. For more information, please visit

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