Gift Hampers HK: Corporate Customers Are Driving Eco-Friendly Gifting


With the ever growing awareness of environmental responsibility, individuals and organizations are more conscious about their impact on the environment. 60% of corporate customers are now looking for more ecological gift and hamper options.

Traditionally, hampers use a considerable amount of packing material, cellophane wrapping and adhesive tape; which is harmful to the environment as these are typically discarded without any thought. ˜Single use has been named 2018 word of the year with global initiatives focused on reducing the consumption of single use plastic.

Gift Hampers HK uses eco-alternative materials and sustainable practices in support of the ˜break free from plastic movement. Using 100% natural biodegradable materials for cellophane wrapping, cellotape and fillers, Gift Hampers HK hopes their contribution will have environmental benefits. They strongly believes caring for the environment and reducing potential packaging wastages is their responsibility.

In response to growing interests in sustainable products, Gift Hampers HK were motivated into designing high quality hampers that could be reused for storage purposes in the home or office.

Gifting hampers can be environmentally friendly, said Justin Chung, founder of Gift Hampers HK. By adopting better environmental practices and focusing on sustainability we can provide our customers with eco-friendly hampers without compromising on aesthetics, quality or price.

Gift Hampers HK boasts a collection of baskets and gift boxes in various shapes, colors and styles but what is most intriguing is their approach in using a wooden board as a base for their hamper; wherein the wooden board can be reused as a chopping board or serving purposes.

We have shown that being environmentally friendly doesnt mean an increase in price; rather we can make a change by designing things differently and our customers appreciate that, said Justin.

This year, Gift Hampers HK has seen a huge increase in corporate customers seeking eco-friendly hampers, though the company is yet to see how this will impact on revenue.

About Gift Hampers HK

Gift Hampers HK has emerged as the leading hamper specialists with operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

The company prides itself in curating exclusive gift baskets, specializing in items sourced from around the globe. Gift Hampers HK has been awarded D-Mark certification and is recognised as Hong Kongs emerging service brand of 2017.

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