Gi-Won Plus Ltd. Introduces “Bebettirang G8”, an All in One Hipseat Baby Carrier


Gi-Won Plus Ltd. and their product brand Bebettirang( recently introduced the G8 Hipseat baby carrier.

The G8 baby carrier is more than just a baby carrier, but also has ability to be used as a hipseat, a hipseat baby carrier and the added functionality of sliding option also, making it a truly all-in-one, versatile product that enables the mother to carry the baby facing the mother, facing forward as well as on the mothers back.

The product focused on providing a comfortable experience even after prolonged use, and also helps the baby to maintain a good posture while being carried, thanks to the sliding technology of the product. It helps to keep the mother and the baby close to each other, and also helps to distribute the weight of the baby to relieve back and shoulder pains from using the product.

The sliding function along with the minimalistic hipseat attachment helps the users to easily put on the product without having to stress about fidgeting with complicated equipment.

Especially since there has been many reports of hip joint dislocations in babies, the M-innerseat helps to protect the spine and legs of the baby, thus allowing the infants of 3 months or older to use the product without worrying about the wellbeing of the baby being carried.

The product is also extremely easy to use, since the product is made using cation materials that makes it easy to clean the product while also being easy to store. The standard issue baby carrier band and the hipseat is easy to transform to fit to individual users needs as well as depending on the baby weight, age, the body shape of the parent and so on.

Gi-won Plus Ltd, the company running the Bebettirang brand has been recognized by the Seoul City government as well as the Seoul Business Agency and awarded a Hi-Seoul Brand company for their excellence in technology and business competency.

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