From losing everything to winning at life

7.5-million-copy-selling author Shiv Khera reveals the action plan that transformed his life

“A person with a positive attitude cannot be stopped. A person with a negative attitude cannot be helped.” Shiv Khera

You Can Achieve More (published by Bloomsbury Business) reveals the secrets behind Shiv Khera’s incredible journey – from losing everything in India and starting afresh washing cars, to becoming a successful entrepreneur, a highly sought after speaker and a bestselling author who has sold 7.5 million copies of his books globally whose client list includes Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

His new book empowers readers to develop the winning mentality that propelled him to success. He reveals how to change your attitude to become unstoppable, without compromising ethics or integrity. He has inspired millions of people globally to change their lives for the better. His previous book, the international bestseller You Can Win has sold over 3.7 million copies alone.

Shiv asks his readers ‘are you your own biggest obstacle?’ and explores how you can overcome the internal hurdles blocking your path to success. He then offers a one-stop-read to everything from boosting confidence to developing that crucial winning attitude, to tackling mistakes and making the right decisions in the first place, whilst also achieving work-life balance. Bursting with inspirational anecdotes, powerful advice and hard-hitting calls to action,You Can Achieve More empowers readers to become their best self and get ahead. 

Each chapter forms a mini action plan– teaching you invaluable lessons in an engaging, highly relevant way, such as how to invest your time rather than spend it and how to install a thermostat to control your mind not simply a thermometer to gauge it. At the end of each chapter Shiv invites you to assess your personal strengths (and how you can exploit these) as well as overcome any weaknesses that might be holding you back.

You Can Achieve More has the power to change your life. It compels you to kick start your motivation, energy and drive to achieve your goals. Practising Shiv’s methods can revolutionise your mindset and give you the essential tools you need to achieve more.

“If you want to stand out, you need to do something outstanding.”