For Your Ears Only: IpVenture’s Directional Sound Enables Movement via Imaging


For anyone seeking the thrill of blasting hip hop, sarcastic podcasts, and riveting business presentations without a pesky knot of headphones or the grave disapproval of hushing neighbors, IpVenture is introducing its patented directional sound technology. Based on ultrasound, the technology follows the users movement via imaging, so the user can stay uninhibited when busting out questionable dance moves.

IpVentures solution features high sound quality and superior power efficiency, using ultrasonic signals to render directional audio. The audio signals are generated through the demodulation of ultrasonic signals in the air between the speaker and the user. Sound can also be personalized to the users hearing and environment. Like a non-prescriptive hearing enhancement system, IpVentures technology can amplify particular sound waves for users who are hard-of-hearing. And if the user happens to be walking through a noisy area, the volume of the device can automatically adjust, increasing to accommodate for the sounds in the environment.

The system can be embedded or attached to smart phones, entertainment systems, computers, and various other devices. With speakerphone detracting from privacy and headsets impeding alertness of nearby sounds, a hands-free lightweight directional speaker is an elegant and versatile answer. It reduces the chances of disturbing anyone in vicinity and saves time spent probing around for tangled headphones before taking a call.

Since IpVentures technology can be both directional and omni-directional, its an efficient solution to business meetings when switching from personal to conference mode and vice versa to communicate both confidential and team information. On long road trips, it can resolve backseat movie disputes. Its also ideal for situations requiring movement, like collecting ingredients for a recipe in the kitchen. A user watching a cooking show from a countertop device can freely travel from the fridge to the oven without needing to pause and replay. And with IpVentures directional speaker, a loud vacuum passing in the background wont disrupt the instructions for a fantastic chocolate cake.

IpVenture, a Silicon Valley company, develops innovation backed by high-quality patents. We also offer exceptional patent-related consulting services.

Angela Nijim
[email protected]