Fanhua Announces Completion of its Expanded Share Repurchase Program and New Share Issuance under its 521 Development Plan

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 24, 2019 — Fanhua Inc. (Nasdaq: FANH) (the “Company” or “Fanhua”), a leading independent financial services provider operating in China, today announced the completion of its expanded share repurchase program previously authorized by its board of directors (the “Board”) and completion of the new share issuance under its 521 development plan. 

In August 2018, the Company was authorized by the Board to repurchase up to 6.5 million American Depository Shares (“ADS”) of the Company up to $29.00 per ADS before December 30, 2018. As of December 30, 2018, the Company has repurchased 1,423,774 ADS (one ADS representing 20 ordinary shares of the Company) at an average price of US$25.5285 per ADS, for a total amount of US$ 36.3 million under the program.

Pursuant to Board approval previously announced in August 2018, on January 24, 2019, the Company resold the 1,423,774 ADSs which were held in treasury to participants in Fanhua’s 521 development plans (the “Participants”), at $25.52 per ADS, or the weighted average of the closing prices of the share repurchases under the share repurchase program. In the meantime, the Company was approved by the Board to newly issue and sell 101,524,520 ordinary shares (representing 5,076,226 ADSs) to the Participants at the same price.

As of the date of the announcement, combined with the 7.5 million ADS previously purchased by the Participants at US$29.0 per ADS, a total of 14 million ADSs, representing 19.95% of the Company’s expanded share capital, have been purchased by the Participants under the 521 development plan, at the weighted average price of US$27.38 per ADS. These shares are subject to a five year lock-up period and the Participants must fulfill certain performance goals in the next five years in order to enjoy the full appreciation in the value of the ADSs.

About Fanhua Inc.

Fanhua Inc. is a leading independent online-to-offline financial services provider. Through our online platforms and offline sales and service network, we offer a wide variety of financial products and services to individuals and businesses, including property and casualty and life insurance products. We also provide insurance claims adjusting services, such as damage assessments, surveys, authentications and loss estimations, as well as value-added services, such as emergency vehicle roadside assistance. Our online platforms include: (1) Lan Zhanggui, an all-in-one platform which allows our agents to access and purchase a wide variety of insurance products, including life insurance, auto insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance and standard health insurance products from multiple insurance companies on their mobile devices; (2) CNpad, a mobile sales support application; (3), an online entry portal for comparing and purchasing health, accident, travel and homeowner insurance products; and (4) eHuzhu (, a non-profit online mutual aid platform in China.

As of September 30, 2018, our distribution and service network is consisted of 754 sales and service outlets covering 31 provinces.

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Fanhua Announces Completion of its Expanded Share Repurchase Program and New Share Issuance under its 521 Development Plan 1

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