FacilityConneX Expands Smart Building Technology Program with KRP Properties

PLYMOUTH, Mass., Jan. 24, 2019 — FacilityConneX, a leading real-time facility data monitoring solution and service provider for increased operational efficiency, equipment optimization and energy savings, today announced that it has been selected to provide a real-time analytics and monitoring-based commissioning program with KRP Properties, expanding their existing program into two new smart buildings.

KRP Properties owns and operates over 30 buildings totaling approximately 3.1M sq ft in Kanata North, otherwise referred to as Canada’s Largest Technology Park. The Company is dedicated to enhancing the tenant experience and long-term value of its physical assets through technology and has upheld this commitment using the FacilityConneX solution. Since 2016, the partnership with FacilityConneX has provided KRP with over 35,000 equipment checks per day, produced tens of thousands of dollars in identified savings, increased operational efficiency and has driven faster time to resolution.

The FacilityConneX software solution is currently being utilized on the 411 Legget building, and will now be used to monitor an additional 380,000 square feet across two new buildings including 303 Terry Fox Drive and 2500 Solandt. With this expansion, FacilityConneX will provide real-time analytics and monitoring for approximately 500,000 sq ft., totaling over 15 percent of KRP’s property portfolio.

KRP will use FacilityConneX’s advanced analytics to monitor operational efficiency of HVAC, lighting systems and overall electric energy consumption. Through the use of this platform, KRP staff can ensure preventative maintenance and equipment optimization, creating a more comfortable environment for tenants while also increasing energy and cost savings.

“The FacilityConneX solution has helped us to better understand our equipment and how it’s operating, enabling our team of facility engineers to become more proactive in their approach to maintenance and energy savings,” said Terry Young, Vice President of Operations at KRP Properties. “We’re always looking for new opportunities and technologies that allow us to more effectively increase energy efficiency for us and comfort for our tenants. With FacilityConneX acting as a 24/7 commissioning agent, we’ve been able to identify energy savings points and optimize equipment performance making it a win-win for everyone. We look forward to taking this next step with the FacilityConneX team to find new ways of creating the best experience possible for our tenants.” “We are thrilled to continue and expand upon our work with KRP, a company that has truly embraced technologies like ours to become more efficient and effective in their maintenance and energy savings efforts,” said Mark Pipher, Vice President and General Manager of FacilityConneX. “Using our platform, the team can make more strategic asset management decision that will continue to keep customers happy while reducing maintenance and energy costs. ”

To learn more about the FacilityConneX solution, please visit www.facilityconnex.com

About FacilityConneX   FacilityConneX is a real-time data monitoring solution and service provider for building operators and facility managers looking to proactively enhance operational efficiency, IIoT equipment optimization and energy savings through ongoing commissioning, fault detection, diagnostics and advanced predictive analytics. The company creates customizable turnkey solutions for customers in the healthcare, industrial, commercial, higher education and water & wastewater markets. FacilityConneX gives every piece of equipment a voice that helps facilities better understand how each asset is operating, when it needs maintenance, and how to increase its lifespan. The FacilityConneX platform and experience takes facilities from a reactive approach to a proactive model through continual education, analysis of existing data and identification of individual opportunity savings. For additional information, visit www.facilityconnex.com or follow FacilityConneX on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Company contact: Mark Pipher  Vice President & General Manager FacilityConneX [email protected] 508-507-1426

Media contact: Kate Caruso-Sharpe Account Director FischTank Marketing and PR [email protected] 646-699-1534

FacilityConneX Expands Smart Building Technology Program with KRP Properties 1

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