Evvnt Announces Opening of U.S. Office and Deal with The Bakersfield Californian

Evvnt, an events marketing automation platform, today announced the opening of its U.S. office based in Los Angeles, California, and the signing of one of its inaugural clients, The Bakersfield Californian, an independent newspaper.

Evvnt is focused on empowering event organizers and venues of all sizes, to manage and promote events across the industrys largest ecosystem of event listing sites, calendars, directories, ticketing, social networks and search engines from one single platform. Over the last year, Evvnt has worked with 40,000 customers in 139 countries with more than 3,500 of the most visited event listings on the Internet.

Earlier this year, the U.K. corporate-based company announced they had entered into an agreement for a $450,000 investment from three U.S. newspapers including TBC Media, Trib Total Media and Sun Coast Media Group.

The moment we started working with news and media companies in the U.S., it was essential to build close relationships and we immediately recognized the clear fit. We now have three leading U.S. news organizations who invest in our business, use our services and have become resellers to their own customers and the round is still open for further interest, said Richard Green, CEO, Evvnt. We are excited to drive a new era of revenue-generating event listings and introducing ourselves to the almost 10,000 news publishing sites throughout the country.

To further this effort, Evvnt hired Kelsey Kearns, a media-veteran to lead the U.S. business development and marketing. A mass communications major, Kearns has a love of journalism and a passion for connecting media with great technology. She is a native Texan and has a media background in film, television hosting, and print publications.

Evvnt is working with The Bakersfield Californian to help with premium event promotion, where each event is uniquely targeted and distributed to location-specific event listing sites and calendars, featured on the newspaper and includes print and voice search. The service offers a variety of benefits including exponential audience and event reach, organic search and mobile app distribution, print promotion and voice search capabilities “ making the newspaper the go-to source for local event advertising in the Bakersfield area.

We are pleased to partner with Evvnt in this potentially game-changing venture, said Jim Lawitz, TBC vice president and executive editor. This platform expands our ability to connect customers with a broad audience while still offering tailored solutions to all community groups. We become a one-stop shop for any organization looking to publicize its event.

Evvnt is a dynamic and growing aggregator platform solution in the global B2C and B2B event listings market. The company looks to replace incumbent traditional events listing calendars with a platform dedicated to generating millions of dollars of new business advertising revenue from the events industry, as consumers continue to struggle to find good events at a local level.

From a simple event submission, the Evvnt platform based on SaaS technology automatically creates a selective listing of publishers specific events with locations attached making it far easier for event organizers to get their events seen and ensuring consumers can find local and relevant events quickly and easily via search.

We are constantly discovering unique opportunities for our clients to build new work flows in to print and even voice. Reverse publishing of curated and paid content into print enables the creation of print-ready content for newspapers “ a breakthrough in revenue-generating, time-saving options for the publishing market, concluded Green.

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