EPIC Announces That Its Monetary System is a Disruptive Cryptocurrency; Company Gives Updates on Objectives and Stock Dividend

EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) (EPIC” or Company) and Ronald S. Tucker announced, The EPIC Monetary System (˜EMS) is a disruptive cryptocurrency, the updating of the short-term and long-term objectives, and the completion of the exchange offer and stock dividend to preferred shareholders.

EPIC Monetary System

The EMS is a disruptive cryptocurrency. EMS is the first cryptocurrency to be combined with American Eagle silver or gold coins to create EPIC Digital Dollars (EDD). The value of an EDD will be stable, a hedge against currency depreciation, and is easy to transfer.

The difference between EDD and other cryptocurrencies is that EDDs have an inherent value created with the combination of the EPIC crypto and American Eagle silver and gold coins. The value of an EDD is the conversion of the purchasers purchase price of an American Eagle silver or gold coin into EDDs.

Update of Short-Term Objectives

EPIC, in the short term, has completed or anticipates completing the following four phases:

Phase I

  • The EPIC Monetary Association (EMA), a non-profit mutual benefit corporation, has been incorporated which is the depository for silver and gold coins, and converts them to EDD and the purchasers become members of EMA.
  • The EPICAEcoins.com website for the purchase of American Eagle coins is being developed.
  • The EPIC Monetary System website is being developed to provide information about EPIC and EPIC Monetary System.
  • The software for the EPIC Monetary Association (EPICMonetaryNetwork.org) has been purchased.
  • American Eagle Silver coins have been purchased.
  • Beta-testing the process to purchase American Eagle Silver Dollars, and the conversion to EPIC Digital Dollars.
  • Commence selling American Eagle Silver Coins.

Phase II

  • EPIC, after implementing the selling of American Eagle Silver Dollars, will develop and establish a process for selling quantities of silver and gold to purchasers in discrete transactions.

Phase III

  • EPIC, after implementing Phase II, will develop and establish a process for existing holders of silver and gold to transfer their silver and gold to the EPIC Monetary Association with the payment of a monetization fee to EPIC.

Phase IV

  • EPIC is developing a private currency exchange for the exchange of EPIC Digital Dollars for national currencies and national currencies for EPIC Digital Dollars.

Longer-Term Objectives

Phase V

  • EPIC plans to acquire software to develop an EPIC Pay application to allow EDD holders to exchange their EDDs for goods and services with affiliate members of the EPIC Monetary Association.

Phase VI

  • EPIC will seek to develop, acquire or joint venture an on-line marketplace, and seek to acquire or joint venture with other firms to provide services or products that will accept EDDs.

Exchange Offer & Stock Dividend

On March 29, 2019, the exchange offer of one share of common stock for one share of EPIC Series A 5% Convertible Preferred was completed; and on April 5, 2019, the stock dividend to Series A 5% Convertible Preferred shareholders was paid. As of April 12, 2019, the preferred stock should appear on the preferred stockholders brokerage accounts.

About EPIC

EPICs methodology creates an effective and usable digital currency, with an intrinsic value, which is valued as EPIC Digital Dollars.

Scott McIntosh
Email: [email protected]