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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of a step-by-step guide to building user journey maps. This article highlights the importance of user journey maps for businesses. It also acts as a comprehensive guide to building an effective user journey map that can help companies to get into the minds of their customers and understand their pain points which is a pre-requisite to offer the best customer experience.

By creating a user journey map, companies can better understand their customers . Also, the user journey map can make it easier for companies to make granular but pivotal changes that can further help in accomplishing goals faster. It also helps in understanding the brand from the users perspective to bring about necessary changes in the marketing strategy wherever required.

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Essential steps to build a user journey map:

Step #1: Define the change in behavior

Customers while navigating through your website might go through different stages and this varies for different business types. These stages provide in-depth insights into the customers changing behaviors and provides a better idea of the whole process from the beginning to subsequent interactions after purchase.

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Step #2: Create a user persona

A user journey map is all about creating user personas. Therefore, to build a useful user journey map, creating a user persona is very important. The user personas must be based on the gathered information about potential customers. Thats why always starting with user research is the best option. Having concrete information about your users can prevent you from making any wrong assumptions.

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Step #3: Define user expectations

For the user journey map to be useful, it is important that it addresses user expectations. It can be both real or anticipated. User expectations if addressed properly can lead to better user experience and result in better ROI.

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