emporia Showcases Four Products at Mobile World Congress

According to a 2018 emporia survey, 31 per cent of people over 65 and 50 per cent of 65 to 70-year-olds own a mobile phone with internet access. Meanwhile 85 per cent of smartphone users over the age of 65 use WhatsApp or other messenger services to stay in touch with friends and family. 59 per cent of grandchildren use WhatsApp to share their lives with grandparents.


TOUCHsmart is a new clamshell smartphone from emporia. The combination of touch screen and physical keyboard is tailored to the needs of older generations. WhatsApp is pre-installed with a shortcut button, while emporias famous emergency system “ which automatically calls up to five numbers at the touch of a button – instis a sense of security.


The new Smart.3 smartphone has clear menu navigation in a stylish design. It features a 13 megapixel rear and 8 megapixel front camera and has a physical home button to make it simple to return to the main menu. The smartphone is splash proof and its emergency button can be hidden with a battery cover. Smart.3 comes with a comprehensive training book to explain relevant functions.


emporia has developed a cover that makes Android phones easier to use. When a smartphone is inserted into the cover, the user can access key functions via the cover, including answering and ending calls, the camera and a flashlight. The touch screen can be operated with the removable stylus pen, attached to the back of the phone. The stylus holder is also a stand, allowing users to comfortably look at pictures and watch videos. An emergency call button triggered via Bluetooth is integrated. The emporiaSMARTCOVER can be adapted to different devices and is available now for the Samsung Galaxy A6.

The emporiaApp

Older generations are often gifted older Android smartphones from family members. emporiaAPP makes smartphone use easier and more intuitive by generating a new user interface that turns a standard Android smartphone into a structured touchscreen display with large, easy-to-read icons.

The emporiaAPP comes with a detailed training book and is available from specialist retailers for 24.95 euros. In the Google Play Store it costs only 11.90 euros without the training book.

Mobile phones need to be optimally tailored to peoples needs. Above all, smartphones must be easy to use and have a high-contrast display. Large keys are also helpful,” comments Eveline Pupeter, CEO of emporia Telecom. “We listen to the needs of the older demographic and apply these to make mobile communication easier “ which is why we have developed new products with integrated WhatsApp, simpler user interfaces and improved visibility “ all of which will be on display at Mobile World Congress this year.

Link to press download page: https://www.emporia.eu/mwc2019

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