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Elpis Investments to “exchange drop” 5mln ELP tokens on Ternion Exchange


Elpis Investments, who are building the first hybrid quantitative trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence, today announced an additional incentive for participants in its current ICO.

Working with partners,, Elpis will overcome one of the biggest hurdles for ICO, post-fundraising – listing on exchanges.

Elpis will drop 5 million ELP tokens, via, directly into registered Ternion exchange accounts. By distributing via a partner in place of a conventional airdrop, Elpis can avoid the complexity and cost of distributing tokens into multiple wallets as they will be directly dropped into the exchange and ready for trading four weeks after the close of the ICO.

Ternion is a listed, hybrid exchange with a fiat gateway based in Estonia. The decentralised exchange is already operating with the centralised exchange launching in Q3 2018. As well as the 5 million tokens assigned for the drop, Elpis is also releasing a further 2 million for a referral scheme to further grow the community.

Elpis launched its ICO mainsale mid-August and has already reached its softcap within private allocation. The target raise is $10m with anything above that going directly into assets under management for the fund which will be launched immediately after the ICO. In the last five months, Elpis has seen returns of +40% on its trading activity across traditional futures and crypto-assets.

Table 1: Elpis Fund Performance April 2018 to August 2018

Account Size $ 40,000
#Trades 65
Wins 37 % 56.92
Losses 28 % 43.08
P&L $ 16,098.23
P&L % 40.25


$ % Num.



P&L %

Monthly Avg P&L %
April 3,358.33 8.40 1 8.40 8.40
May 3,044.96 7.61 2 16.01 8.00
June 6,641.87 16.60 3 32.61 10.87
July -2,173.92 -5.43 4 27.18 6.79
August 5,226.98 13.07 5 40.25 8.05

Anatoly Castella, CEO and co-founder of Elpis Investments said:

“We know one of the biggest pain points for ICO participants is waiting for tokens to be listed on trading exchanges at the close of the ICO. At the same time, Elpis wants to grow its community and reward members for participation and spreading the word about the project. A traditional airdrop is costly in terms of time, resource and gas costs so it makes perfect sense to work with to manage this and have a guaranteed exchange in place just weeks after the close of the mainsale.”

To participate please visit and use your Ternion account ID to register for the Elpis Investments programme. Follow Elpis and ExchangeDrop social accounts for regular updates.

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