Elon Musk, Brian May, Bill Nye and Tony Fadell to appear at STARMUS V

STARMUS V will announce The Stephen Hawking Medal winners at a press event at Samsung Hall in Zurich on June 24th. Celebrated scientist and educator Bill Nye will host the ceremony, and scheduled attendees include a remarkable roster of science and space luminaries, including Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins and six other Apollo mission astronauts.

STARMUS co-founder and board member Dr. Brian May, the legendary Queen guitarist and PhD astrophysicist, will personally present the medal to Elon Musk, who has been hailed by no less than Richard Dawkins as a hero for our times.

The STARMUS V program is legion, featuring some of the most innovative discussions in technology, astrophysics and science. Watch the European premier of Apollo 11 with Michael Collins and Director Todd Douglas Miller. Enjoy a once in a lifetime concert with Hans Zimmer honoring the Apollo missions. Cover Tony Fadell’s unique foray into applied technologies as he takes over the very important Stephen Hawking chair at STARMUS.

When: June 24th to 29th (time and location reserved for media)

Where: SAMSUNG HALL, Hoffnigstrasse 1, Dubendorf · 8600 Zurich

Who: Elon Musk, Tony Fadell, Brian May, Richard Dawkins, Peter Gabriel, Garik Israelian, Brian Eno, Todd Douglas Miller, Charlie Duke, Michael Collins and 5 additional Apollo astronauts

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