Dreem, the World’s Leading Sleep Solution, Fully Reinvents Its Product Experience with New Personalization Features – Delivering Tailored Programs to Support Everyone’s Individual Sleep Needs.


Today, neurotechnology company Dreem “ makers of the worlds only active and complete sleep solution, the Dreem Band “ announces a significant user experience and product evolution. Dreem extends its best-in-class sleep solution with Dreem Coach, a new mobile application that is paired with the Dreem Band, helping people better understand their sleep behaviors and receive personalized expert care through deeper data analysis that is then matched with customized sleep recommendations. One size does not fit all when it comes to sleep, and Dreem has restructured its approach to eradicating bad sleep as it enters the next phase of its journey.

Through an extensive three step process, Dreem is leveraging behavioral science and neurotechnologies to completely reinvent the way we track and improve sleep health.

  • Dreem Band first collects key physiological information to objectively evaluate sleep over a seven night period, while the newly launched Dreem Coach gets to know each unique user better during the day by asking in-app questions.
  • Dreem Coach will then send users a detailed sleep report and provide tailored recommendations from the new Program Library, a collection of expert programs available within the app.

The new Dreem experience actively restructures the way we approach sleep. From chronic or paradoxical insomnia, to restlessness and anxiety, each program tackles a specific problem tailored to the needs of each user. Using practical tips and personalized exercises, the Dreem Coach guides and motivates users, all while ensuring sleep is successfully restructured.

Since starting Dreem, our objective has been to help everyone sleep better and more effectively, so life can be more productive and fulfilling, said Hugo Mercier, CEO of Dreem. We started this journey by introducing the first complete and active sleep solution, the Dreem Band “ and today, we have made even greater leaps in the fight against bad sleep. The introduction of Dreem Coach will give users an unprecedented understanding of their personal sleep behavior, and a tailored expert program, personalized to help them address their specific needs to get the most out of each night.

Dreem Coach, the new mobile application available for download in iOS and Android app stores, provides customized daily support by learning the behaviors of its user. Using the full suite of rich content, curricula, tips and recommendations from the Program Library, Dreem Coach helps users who are suffering from the following types of sleep issues:

  • Chronic insomnia: For those who suffer from chronic sleep problems, Dreems most advanced program includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). With CBT, Dreem Coach delivers progressive sleep consolidation and sleep efficiency improvement in six to eight weeks.
  • Sleep deprivation: For those who dont get enough sleep, Dreems first goal is to increase sleep time. Users will receive tips to gain better control of their sleep cycle in order to regain valuable time asleep and improve their quality of deep sleep in ten days to three weeks.
  • Bad sleeping habits: Dreem helps users identify the key behaviors or attitudes affecting their sleep in two to three weeks. To resolve bad sleeping habits Dreem Coach recommends tailored programs to address these issues, suggesting sleep routines to inspire positive habits, or teaching the user coping behaviors if they experience difficulty sleeping.

The new apps advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy functionality, addresses a host of psychological and behavioral factors that can affect sleep health. As an efficient solution proven to help fight insomnia for several years, Dreem developed the CBT program with experts in these fields to provide progressive sleep assistance to those suffering from insomnia, improving sleep efficiency in just six to eight weeks.

After examining data from hundreds of users who suffer from chronic sleep disorders, we recognized the need to address a critical dimension of bad sleep: psychological and behavioral triggers, said Pierrick Arnal, Scientific Director of Dreem. This is why we developed Dreem Coach and the Program Library – to give our users an expert companion on their journey to better sleep. With options like the CBT Program, we are integrating the most effective behavioral tools available to solve insomnia and create healthier habits around sleep.

Four years and 500,000 nights of user data has allowed Dreem to expand from a signature product into a full platform of features and tools to address the many sources of bad sleep. In addition to unveiling the new Dreem Coach and Program Library, Dreem also announces that it has officially rebranded its organization from Rythm to Dreem, as a sign of its continued focus on evolving the Dreem platform and helping the world sleep better to enjoy more productive and healthier lives.

About Dreem:

Dreem pioneers technological and scientific advances to develop effective products that help people be better at sleep, and realise a more fulfilled version of themselves. Dreem is a holistic sleep solution designed with real human behaviour first and supported by a global community of sleep experts. Based in Paris and San Francisco, Dreem has raised substantial funding from investors, awards and government grants to support a world-class team of more than 70 people. Dreem is on its way to help the worlds population in its quest to solve one of the biggest health and societal problem of our modern times. For more information, visit www.dreem.com.

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