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Dr Tio Man Kwun, Peter – Prevention of Falls in Older Elderly

  • Elderly fall accidents are preventable.
  • High probability of falling for the elderly.
  • Winter- The peak season for elderly falling.
  • Physical exercise prevents elderly falls.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 4 January 2021 – The Department of Health in 2013 stated that, in Hong Kong, people over the age of 65 are more likely to fall at home. About one out of every five elders living in the community will fall; 75% of them will be injured, resulting in fractures and head injuries. Today we are pleased to invite Dr Tio Man Kwun, Peter, who has extensive orthopaedic specialists experience to discuss the prevention of falls in older adults.

Dr Tio Man Kwun, Peter – Prevention is an excellent way of avoiding a fall

Undoubtedly, no one would object to saying that the elderly fall easily. People are getting old, and flexibility will eventually decrease. But what the public does not know is that the elderly fall can be prevented. It is not a must experience that happens for every elderly. The elders will not fall for no reason. They can be prevented from falls as long as they correctly assess the risk of falling accidents in their living environment and control them; every elder can avoid falling.

A relatively high probability of falling

The Department of Health 2013 stated that, in Hong Kong, there is about 20% of elders aged 65 and above involved in a fall. There are 75% among the elderly who will be injured, mainly fractures or severe head trauma. An average of 5% of elders who went to the Elderly Health Centre of the Department of Health for the examination have fallen twice or more. The studies have also shown that the chance of falling again is four times higher than the elderly who have not involved in a fall before. According to the above data, falling is one of the leading causes of illness and death in the elderly, and this must not be ignored. The most common injuries for elderly falling are fractures, including injuries to the hands, feet, lumbar, lumbar spine and hip joints. The wrists and feet can be treated with plasters, but in severe cases, surgery is necessary.

Dr Tio Man Kwun, Peter explained: Is there peak season for elderly falling

Dr Tio Man Kwun, Peter, a specialist in orthopaedics, said that people over the age of 60 should concern more to the problem of falls. Based on Dr Tio’s experience, two leading causes result in the elderly to fall. The two leading causes are the elders wearing heavy clothes in winter and using low-quality crutches or walking aids. Besides, Dr Tio also said that the elders generally wear more and thicker clothing to keep warm in winter. This may make their physical activities more inflexible and significantly increasing the risk of falling. According to Dr Tio’s experience, more than ten elders per day are admitted to the hospital due to falls in winter. Therefore, in addition to keeping warm when entering the cold winter, elders should also pay attention to keeping their bodies flexible to avoid falling. Using the quality of walking aids such as canes, crutches, and walking devices can also prevent the elderly from falls.

How can elders prevent from falling


As aforementioned in this article, elderly fall accidents are preventable. Prevention is always better than cure. Elderly fall accidents are preventable. Dr Tio Man Kwun shared some prevention means to reduce the chance of falling. First, keep the debris in your home as low as possible on the floor. If the floor is damaged or uneven, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the elderly from tripping. Keep the home clean and dry, and keep the indoor light sufficient to reduce the chance of slipping. The elderly can also use walking sticks to assist walking, even at home. Non-slip rubber mats can be placed in the bathtub or shower, and handrails can be installed where necessary.


In terms of diet, try to consume high-calcium foods such as milk, beans, dried fruits and nut. Many fish and vegetables can also provide rich calcium. Elderly eating more high-calcium foods can help prevent osteoporosis in the event of a fall. It can also reduce the chance of fracture. The aged-adults are encouraged to go outdoor more because when the skin receives ultraviolet radiation, it helps calcium absorption. Thereby, it will increase bone density, enhancing bone elasticity, helping to strengthen bones, and also helpful for backaches, joint inflexibility and other problems.


Fall Prevention: Balance and Strength Exercises for Older Adults


Dr Tio encouraged the elderly to do more physical exercise as it is undoubtedly indispensable to prevent falls.  He also suggested that ageing adults should do more stretching activities to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints. Other exercises such as cycling, Tai Chi and others are also recommended because these practices can improve body balance and muscle sensibility. If being persistent in exercising, it can slow down muscle atrophy and degeneration. Not only young people can go to the gym. Senior citizens can also consider light weight-bearing exercise in the gym because weight-bearing exercise can significantly help osteoporosis. They can also perform weight training on certain parts of the body according to their physical conditions. But no matter what kind of exercise, they must remember to do enough warm-up exercises before starting.


Also, since osteoporosis develops gradually over the years, there is no symptom or discomfort. Regular bone density checks can diagnose osteoporosis earlier.

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The profile of Dr Tio Man Kwun, Peter

Dr Tio Man Kwun Peter graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong and was awarded an MBBS degree. After graduation, Dr Tio was granted Fellowship of the Royal College of Edinburgh of Surgeons and Fellowship of the Hong Kong College of Surgeons in 1998. Dr Peter Tio then obtained Fellowships from the Royal College of Surgeons (orthopaedics), fellowship of Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Fellowship of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (orthopaedics) in 2002.


Dr Peter Tio has started his private practice at Room 709, Office Tower One, Grand Plaza, 639 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon since 2005 till now.


Office opening hours are: Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm. Saturday: 10am to 3pm.

Advanced booking is required. Tel No.: 23920300.


Dr Tio is willing to accept emergency consultation. Please call 72223867 in case of emergency.


PolyU to roll out International Summer School 2021


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 January 2021 – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is rolling out the International Summer School between 19 July and 16 August 2021. It is a five-week summer programme on the PolyU campus that offers an array of credit-bearing subjects and educational activities for students from different parts of the world to study, learn and explore Hong Kong. The summer programme is now open for applications until 28 February 2021. The delivery mode will be confirmed in early April 2020.

Enrol in the PolyU International Summer School 2021 to gain a rewarding and fun-filled experience.


PolyU’s International Summer School offers a diversified range of intellectually stimulating subjects in three thematic academic areas, namely “Chinese Language, Culture and Society”, “Design, Innovation and Technology”, and “Business, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership”.  Participants can earn credits by attending distinctive courses taught by PolyU professors. They can also select some interesting and experiential classes like Wine Tasting, Elementary Cantonese, Japanese Culture, Artificial Intelligence and Science Fiction.


The summer programme furthermore provides ample opportunities for the students to participate in various local field trips and cultural exchange activities like Chinese Kung Fu and calligraphy classes that enable them to discover the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong.


With the aim of helping the overseas participants blend into the local life and culture, PolyU has a unique Buddy Programme that matches incoming International Summer School participants with PolyU students, thus encouraging intercultural communication between PolyU students and the global community.


The PolyU Leadership Academy is also on offer from 5 June to 10 July 2021. It is a pioneering international education and exchange scheme which aims to instruct students on issues of civic responsibility and leadership through PolyU’s well-structured Service-Learning programmes. Participating students will join one of the current service-learning subjects: “Community engagement through expressive textile arts and fashion” or “Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines”, in which they will learn about the challenges faced by their target community and acquire relevant knowledge and skills through an innovative service project.


Since the inception of the PolyU International Summer School in 2016, PolyU has received a lot of positive feedback from previous participants. A student from the United Kingdom applauded that the classes were very well taught and engaging: “It also gave me the chance to connect with many people, both locals and foreigners, and the possibility to learn from new experiences, knowledge and cultures. I felt like I was able to fully immerse myself in the city and university life in Hong Kong.” To learn more about what previous participants feel about the PolyU summer programme, please visit:


For more details about the PolyU International Summer School, please visit:

About PolyU

While boasting a proud history of over 80 years, PolyU is a vibrant and aspiring university with a forward-looking vision and mission. Committed to building a talent pipeline and research strength for advancing the development of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world, PolyU provides the best holistic education to nurture future-ready global citizens and socially responsible leaders, conducts high-impact interdisciplinary research, and proactively transfers knowledge to create value and build impact. We embrace internationalisation and engage the Nation for education and research through strategic partnerships and collaborations.


With “Opening Minds. Shaping the Future” as our brand promise, the University is currently offering more than 160 taught programmes in six faculties and two schools, engaging in 3,200 exciting research projects, and collaborating with over 660 institutions overseas and in the Chinese mainland on a wide variety of initiatives. We have over 400,000 alumni around the globe and currently 28,000 students.


PolyU website:

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Regenerating Difficult-to-recycle Plastic Waste into Consumer Goods – Contributing to the resolution of the global plastic waste problem with Furukawa Electric’s unique technology


 – 22
January 2021 – Furukawa Electric has developed a unique technology to
regenerate difficult-to-recycle plastic waste, such as Flexible packaging
waste, into high strength reinforced plastic.

Flexible packaging, due to its
lightweight, durability and quality, is regularly used for the protection of
food and daily goods.
  However, since
flexible packaging is often made from layers of different plastic materials, as
well as Aluminium and paper, for most cases such waste ends up in landfill or

The technology which we have developed
utilizes the Cellulose Fiber of paper waste as a reinforcement source, by
defibrating the paper into Cellulose fibers, and to disperse the fibers into
the plastic in a single process.  With
this technology, the tensile strength of the original plastic can be increased
up to approximately double that of its original state, allowing the regenerated
material to be used for various end applications.

Since 2019, this technology has been
used for our cable related products, and has further succeeded in producing
ballpoint pens made from various flexible packaging with the co-operation from
Zebra Co., Ltd, and have put to use.

Not limiting to our company’s products, we
will continue to coordinate and collaborate with all parties in the recycling
value chain by expanding the range of this technology’s use to include
applications such as stationery, furniture, electrical appliances and
automobile parts.  By enhancing plastic
recycling worldwide, we will contribute in solving the problem of plastic


News release URL:

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VinFast Launches 3 Brand New Electric Autopilot Models And Affirms Vision To Be The Global Smart Electric Vehicles Company


  • VinFast’s
    strategic vision to become a global high-tech automobile brand;
  • Three
    new Smart EV models: VF31, VF32, VF33; In particular, VF32 and VF33 will recieve
    orders in US
    and Canadian and European
    market in November 2021;
  • VinFast applies self-driving up to level 4 and other advanced technologies such as:
    artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (Deep Learning), facial
    recognition, multi-lingual virtual assistant, etc.

HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 22 January 2021 –
On 22 January 2021,
VinFast announced
3 brand new self-driving electric SUV models, using AI with many outstanding smart features. This is an important
milestone, affirming the vision of becoming a global smart electric vehicle
company; and contributing to bringing Vietnam to a new level on the world map of automobile industry.

With this strategic
vision, after only 3 years in operation, VinFast has successfully researched
and developed the first three self-driving electric cars: VF31, VF32, VF33. All
3 SUVs are multi-purpose vehicles, with a strong and trendy high-chassis
design; capable of steering and self-driving assistance; equipped with
outstanding safety and intelligence features.

In particular, the VF31
is a mid-sized SUV/C-segment with
basic self-driving and steering assistance features such as lane departure
warning, blind spot warning, vehicle cross-section warning when reversing,
vehicle warning from behind when opening. door, reverse camera, 360 camera,
front-back parking assist sensor, automatic headlight …

VF32 (mid-size SUV/D-segment) and VF33 (full-size SUV/E-segment) own self-driving level of 2-3, with 30 intelligent features divided
into 7 groups including: driver assistance, lane control, speed control, scene
collision warning and mitigation, parking assistance and driver monitoring.
This is among the few vehicles in the world, which reach level 3 autopilot
capability, affirming VinFast’s R&D capacity and ability to deploy
high-class, pioneering products.

In particular, the full-option versions of VF33, VF32 and VF31 own high-performance sensor systems
including LiDAR sensors; 14 cameras are capable of detecting objects up to 687m
away; 19 360-degree sensors allow warning and handling at high speeds (above 100km/h). The self-driving system controlled by
the Orin-X chip can process up to 200 GB of data per second, allowing control
and navigation up to eight times faster than current generations. In addition,
the full-option
versions of all 3 models are equipped with some level 4 autopilot features such
as automatic 3-dimensional map setting (first and only in the market), auto-detect parking slot and auto-parking; summoning vehicles… with the
ability to connect with the transport system and smart cities, bringing
comfort, safety and high-class
experience to the users.

In addition to
outstanding autopilot features – with the “customer-centric” philosophy
– VinFast specially invests in smart features (virtual cockpit) with advanced
technologies such as artificial intelligence technology (AI), deep learning (Deep Learning), facial recognition,
multi-lingual virtual assistant, etc. The above features not only open up a
space for enjoyment, but also fully customizable to personalize the vehicle
according to the characteristics and usage habits of the owner. This is an
outstanding difference that VinFast focuses
on accelerating user experience, creating every most valuable moment, only
available in VinFast electric cars.

In terms of safety, all 3 models meet the world’s highest safety
standards such as NHTSA 5*, Euro NCAP 5* with automatic detection, warning and
notification systems to medical centers when users have accident. The batteries are arranged under
the floor of the car, with heat resistance from 400C to 800C to
ensure absolute safety when driving.
In addition, all vehicles have automatic updating software and detecting faults and contacting service stations, etc.

The VF31 car is expected
to start receiving orders in Vietnam from May 2021, and hand over to customers from November 2021.

VF32 and VF33 will receive
orders from September 2021 in
hand over from February 2022. In the US and Canadian, European market, VinFast will receive orders from
November 2021 and hand over from June 2022.

The launch of smart
electric vehicles, including electric scooters, electric buses and electric
cars, is part of VinFast’s predetermined roadmap since joining the auto market – 3 years ago. In addition to the most modern
factory complex in Southeast Asia in Vietnam, VinFast currently owns a network
of R&D centers in Australia, Germany and the US; and a world-class vehicle
testing center in Australia. This is a solid foundation for VinFast to reach
its global vision and become a popular high-tech electric vehicle company in
the world as well as
develop green transport eco-system and reducing emissions./.

3 model specifications:

equivalent to C

  • Overall:
    4,300mm long,
    2,611mm long wheelbase; 10-12.8 inch infotainment screen, air conditioning
    system using HEPA filter with activated carbon filter; steering wheel heating,
    seat heating and ventilation (premium version)….
  • Permanent
    magnet electric engine: equivalent to vehicles using internal combustion
    engines. Power 150kW, maximum torque 320Nm (Premium version); capacity of 85kW,
    maximum torque of 190Nm (standard version). Battery capacity 42kWh
    Travel distance up to 300km
  • Safety
    standards: EURO NCAP 5* (premium version); ASEAN NCAP 4* (standard version)

VinFast VF32, equivalent
D-SUV segment

  • Overall:
    4,750mm long,
    2,950mm long wheelbase; 15.4-inch infotainment
    interior lighting system with multi-color adjustment, air conditioning system
    using HEPA filter with activated carbon filter; steering wheel heating, seat
    heating and ventilation (premium version
  • Permanent
    magnet electric engine: 2 permanent magnet electric

    , capacity of
    300kW and maximum torque of 640Nm (premium version). 1 electric motor with
    permanent magnet capacity of 150kW, 320Nm (standard version). 90kWh capacity
    battery and full-time 4-wheel drive.
  • Highest
    safety standards: NHTSA 5*, Euro NCAP 5*

VinFast VF33, equivalent to E-SUV segment

  • Overall:
    5,120mm long, 3,150mm wheelbase, 15.4-inch center screen, LED Matrix system;
    Panoramic ceiling glass, area 2.63m2, anti-UV 99% (high-end version)
  • Permanent
    magnet electric engine
    : 2 electric engine X 150 KW, Battery capacity up to 106kW.
    Travel distance up to 550 km
  • Highest
    safety standards: NHTSA 5*, Euro NCAP 5*

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