Digital Breakthrough for Healthcare Consumers: Hello Alvin Pioneers Use of SMS Text Messaging to Talk to a Doctor by Phone or Video

From the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, Joey Truscelli, CEO, Hello Alvin, affectionately called Joey T by the children he worked with during what he calls the “give back” time period of his life, is helping consumers gain access to the same quality of telemedicine services as those with health insurance, at an affordable price. Consumers simply SMS text message the word “Doctor” to (720) 573-0800 and become eligible to talk to a board-certified doctor by phone or video for only $69 — no insurance needed.

Truscelli explains, I named the company ˜Hello Alvin because the name Alvin means ˜your noble friend and loved by all. These days, everyone needs a friend in healthcare.”

After helping to pioneer the healthcare claims clearinghouse industry, Truscelli started helping kids and adults battling life-limiting diseases by creating awareness for their disease through fundraisers and television programing. It was through this “give back” effort that he recognized the need to create the tools necessary to help the over 27 million individuals and families without insurance.

I have seen first-hand that so many people simply avoid getting the care they need because of the high cost of an Urgent Care or ER visit for a minor illness, says Truscelli. We wanted to step back into the arena to help simplify the enrollment process and give anyone access to the same quality of telemedicine services and doctors as those with insurance coverage. Most telemedicine companies have focused on the low hanging fruit and are only servicing the large insurance carriers and self-insured employer groups.

Truscelli adds, “We are fortunate to be able to connect with the best-in-class telemedicine services and create direct access for consumers nationwide.

About Hello Alvin„¢

Hello Alvin„¢ is an online healthcare service providing consumers direct access to quality care through its secure, HIPAA-compliant suite of mobile telehealth tools. Visit for more info.

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