DGaming.com: Read or Fall Behind: Fresh Research on the Gaming Industry

The Gaming industry is seeing a new upsurge, as predictions show gamers will likely have spent around $138 billion on games by the end of the year. Out of this positive consumer sentiment, another industry is emerging. It is called DGaming (Decentralized Gaming), which has emerged at the junction of blockchain technology, gaming, and online gambling industries.

Who is a new gamer? The new phenomenon has already attracted more than 14 million monthly players. From the research, an average user is an adult male 35 years of age, who has a university degree and works in IT.

By 2020, total gaming revenue will reach almost $140 billion, with much of the growth potential lying in the development of the young technology that is aggressively conquering all areas of virtual life blockchain. It has value for both gamers, whose enduring problems are resolved, and investors, who capitalise on a new income-generating resource.

Even a game giant such as Ubisoft is looking enthusiastically at the opportunity to introduce blockchain into their games. Ubisoft Strategy Innovation Lab Manager, Nicolas Pouard at their first blockchain hackathon in Paris from 29 June to 1 July, argued that the company strongly believes that blockchain will change the gaming industry.

The perspective of the DGaming industry is buoyed by the fact that gaming projects are currently third, behind infrastructure and financial startups as the most popular areas to invest in.

The DGaming industry is being expanded by such companies as Lucid Sight with their game MLB Crypto Baseball and Axiom Zen. Some of the most hyped games in the business include CryptoKitties, Etheremon, Gods Unchained, and FOMO3D.

Despite Decentralised games being in their infancy, many of them receive a decent income, meaning they have great prospects for further development. The Gods Unchained project managed to raise $1.2 million solely from the initial sale of its cards.

DGaming is only just being discovered. However, the speed at which it is growing points to a distinct possibility of becoming mainstream in the next couple of years. The synergy of gaming, gambling, and blockchain is forming a brand new industry DGaming, governed by Dapps (decentralized applications).

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John Robery
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