Deadline to Take Legal Action in USA Gymnastics Sexual Assault Cases is April 29, 2019, A Case for Women Reports

A Case for Women (ACFW), a mission-driven organization that educates and empowers women to take legal action, is warning that gymnasts who have been sexually assaulted only have until April 29, 2019 to take legal action. After this date any potential abuse cases will be time-barred. It does not matter if the assault occurred decades ago, or if the gymnast was a minor or an adult when the abuse occurred. All gymnasts who have been hurt by a coach, doctor, physical therapist, or other figure related to gymnastics have the opportunity to possibly stand up and take their power back through legal action — but only until April 29, 2019.

Its a shame there hasnt been more media attention about this crucial deadline, said Susan Jones Knape, founder of A Case for Women. Especially after the onslaught of media attention in recent years about the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal and the egregious actions of Dr. Larry Nassar. Gymnasts need to know that legal action is still available to them, though for a very limited period of time.

In 2016, the IndyStar broke one of the very first news stories about how USA Gymnastics (USAG) built a toxic culture of not only hiding sexual assault within its ranks, but also actively protecting coaches to preserve the organizations image. Due to the publications in-depth investigation and subsequent coverage from other news outlets, USAG has been forced to reckon with their systemic sexual assault epidemic, which resulted in the organization filing for bankruptcy. As part of USAGs bankruptcy proceedings, the court determined a deadline of April 29, 2019 for gymnasts to file a claim for sexual assault.

As the cover up unfolded, the disturbing behavior of Dr. Larry Nassar, a physician based out of Michigan State University (MSU) who frequently worked with USAG, came to light through more news reports. Nassar has been accused of assaulting more than 200 young female gymnasts as far back as the early 1990s. MSU is currently in negotiations with a second wave of women claiming abuse at the hands of Nassar. The first wave of women received a total of $500 million in settlements.

ACFW has taken an active role over the past two years, working with multiple national law firms to educate gymnasts about their legal rights. In addition, ACFW has helped assault survivors take action against Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft, the Catholic Church and other entities such as the University of Southern California (USC) that allegedly harbored predators. Most notably, the organization is helping to battle the sex trafficking epidemic by educating trafficking survivors about civil legal options.

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