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A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has announced the completion of their latest article on how to map customers journey.

Customer journey mapping is a tool for businesses to visualize their customers experience. It helps companies to gain a comprehensive view of the needs of customers and their behavior when they interact with the brand. With the aid of customer journey mapping, organizations can understand how their customers travel through the entire sales process and their possibility of returning to the brand. This approach helps decision-makers to stay focused on customers and make each step of the buying experience easier for potential leads.

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According to the experts at Infiniti Research, Customer journey mapping is an effective technique for organizations to identify the gaps between customer expectations and the actual experience that they encounter at various touchpoints.

What is the process of mapping customer journey?

Identify the right customer touchpoints

Customer touchpoints are the brands points of customer contact. It is crucial to identify the touchpoints through which the customers interact with the organization to map the customer journey. These touchpoints can be major or minor depending upon the business. Therefore, businesses need to identify and categorize a list of places and times through which customers will come into contact with the brand. This involves every touchpoint from the marketing phase to post-sale follow up surveys. To know how our experts can help in mapping the customer journey, Request more information.

Distinguish onstage and offstage factors

It is pre-requisite for companies to differentiate their onstage and offstage factors and base their strategies that can enhance the actual customer experience. Onstage factors include interactions that are visible to customers, whereas, offstage refers to the activities that happen at the back end. For instance, any customer interactions with the salesperson is an onstage action, whereas, billing procedures are considered to be an offstage action. Since offstage actions impact the onstage experience, it becomes vital for companies to distinguish them effectively. To know more about the impact of customer journey mapping, Get in touch with our experts!

Feedback from all organizational levels

Companies need to ensure that they analyze the events at each touch point and take feedbacks from stakeholders. This helps in analyzing the services they are delivering and mapping them by adding a qualitative layer to the journey map. A detailed understanding of each touchpoint helps in gaining a precise view of customer experience. To know more about the process of mapping the customer journey, view the complete article here.

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