CS Global Partners: St Kitts and Nevis Launches New Sustainable Programme to Prevent Land Degradation


This week, St Kitts and Nevis Department of Environment launched the Integrating Water, Land and Ecosystem Management in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (IWEco) demonstration project. Funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the project is a proactive intervention measure to prevent land degradation and ensure land sustainability in the islands tropical ecosystem. The proposed rehabilitation areas are the College Street Ghaut watershed in St Kitts and coral reefs, wetlands and quarry sites in Nevis.

The government of St Kitts and Nevis has recently set up various projects on the islands which are focused on sustainable growth. One such scheme is the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF), which is part of St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme. It was introduced in March last year by Prime Minister Timothy Harris and funds various projects on both islands that help this small nation prosper. To encourage investors to contribute to the SGF, the new investment route was designed to make processing more straightforward, removing all possible intermediaries. Those wishing to obtain St Kitts and Nevis sought-after citizenship can do so by first choosing an authorised agent.

The launch of the land improvement project comes just days after an announcement by the Department of Agriculture to introduce a new water policy. The demand for smarter water allocation for agriculture is important for periods when the sunny Caribbean islands register lower rainfall levels. As we develop as a modern society, a water policy is critical, as is a land use policy and other similar activities, said Director of Agriculture Melvin James.

June Hughes, the Head of the Department of Environment and Senior Environmental Officer, said at a meeting launching the new land improvement programme, that she was pleased that the GEF had decided to fund this vital, long-lasting project. Hughes explained that there can be many reasons for land degradation, some human and some natural, which can stop ecosystems functioning effectively and in turn threaten agricultural production and land stability. The new programme would address these concerns early on and will have a far-reaching positive impact on both islands.

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Thomas Kohn
[email protected]