Counter Culture Redefines Clean with Introduction of Revolutionary Probiotic Cleaning Products


Counter Culture, maker of probiotic, non-toxic household cleaning products, will be showcasing its groundbreaking line of probiotic All-Purpose Cleaners, Air & Fabric Refreshers and Floor Cleaner Concentrates at Natural Products Expo West 2019 on March 6 “ 8. Expo West attendees will be among the first to experience these exciting innovations and are invited to visit Counter Culture at booth #H1214 for samples and additional information.

Since the industrial revolution when household cleaning products were first introduced, category innovation has been limited, said Michelle Perkins, founder of Counter Culture. Green cleaners entering the scene in the 1990s were essentially less effective, cleaned up analogues of mainstream offerings, but with the same fundamental ideology that all bacteria is bad. Counter Culture is a true category disruptor, challenging the status quo regarding what ˜clean really means. We believe that removing all bacteria, both good and bad, does more harm than good. Rather than killing 99.9 percent of bacteria, our products use friendly bacteria to populate surface areas and clean effectively.

Counter Culture does not use traditional chemical cleaning agents. Many household cleaning products contain chemical detergents or toxic chemicals that kill all bacteria, but sterile doesnt always equal clean or healthy. With Counter Cultures radically pure probiotic-based products, beneficial bacteria and the bio-detergents they create clean surfaces by breaking down dirt, grease and odors which ultimately contribute to a healthy microbial balance – essentially like kombucha for countertops! Not only do the innovative products clean effectively, but they rebalance the microbiHOME„¢, making environments truly safer for tots, pets and grown-ups.

The product lines include just four simple ingredients: purified water, 13 probiotic cultures, lactic acid and organic essential oils. The All-Purpose Cleaners and Air & Fabric Refreshers come in two fresh, beautiful scents, including Lemongrass and Geranium, and the Floor Cleaner Concentrate comes in both Lemongrass and Lavender scents. Additional product details include:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner, a 2019 NEXTY Award finalist, is designed to clean all surfaces including countertops, sinks, tubs, toys, high chairs and more. The efficacious All-Purpose Cleaner thoroughly breaks down dirt, grease and grime to restore a healthy balance of bacteria in homes, providing a fresh, natural scent. SRP: $7.99 per bottle.
  • Air & Fabric Refresh offers a clean blend of essential oils and probiotics to effectively remove odors in any environment including kitchens, bathrooms, bedding, couches, gym clothes and more. SRP: $6.99 per bottle.
  • Floor Cleaner Concentrate works wonders on hard surface floors – tile, wood, laminate or sealed stone to break down any dirt and grime with radically pure probiotics. SRP: $7.99 per bottle.

All Counter Culture products are non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free with no fake fragrances, man-made chemicals or allergens, and the brand proudly does not test on animals. Counter Culture products will also be USDA Certified Organic in 2019. Products can be purchased on, as well as natural retailers including Whole Foods and Jimbos¦Naturally! and online retailers including and

About Counter Culture

Counter Culture was established in 2018 as a reaction to all the toxic chemicals Founder Michelle Perkins wanted to eliminate from her home. After working with a team of scientists who were producing groundbreaking work with bacteria, she decided to create a brand that proudly does not kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, but rather uses beneficial bacteria and the bio-detergents they create to clean effectively and contribute to a healthy microbial balance a. All Counter Culture products are created through a natural fermentation process and never chemically synthesized or genetically engineered. These microorganisms are biodegradable and safe for the environment. The products are tested to the highest standards to ensure effectiveness. Visit, and follow Counter Culture on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more.

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